Sunday, October 31, 2010

I put a new button up on my blog a few days ago, on my left sidebar up near the top, I don't know if you noticed it. It's the 2010 Gratitude Challenge. I included the button on this post. The 2010 Gratitude Challenge starts tomorrow.

Here is the challenge:
For each day during the month of November, post about something you are thankful for.  It can be anything at all.  Just as long as you write a post that is filled with Gratitude and a Thankful heart.  Post everyday.  That means 30 posts.  It can be something big or small.  You can post a picture or not.  It can be a wordless post.  Just share something you are grateful for in your life.

The button above will take you to the host blog for the challenge. Every day she will have a way for us to link up our thankful posts. I need to be more thankful to my Lord for all he has done for me. So all my thankful posts will be to my Lord and Savior and my Abba Father for...
James 1:17 says
"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning."
Join us, starting tomorrow.

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30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 21

I am participating in the 30 Day Blog Challenge
hosted by Katie @ Katie’s Journey

Today's challenge is:
Day 21 - Picture of yourself
There are not many pictures of me. I do not like to be in pictures, especially by myself. I am only posting one. It is the picture I am using on the front of the binder I made up for my 10 Week Fitness Challenge with the Fit Mommy Friday ladies. My hubby said I look cute.. I don't know about that but this is where I will be spending time in the coming months in order to meet my fitness goals.

Yippee! Now I am caught up!

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30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 20

I am participating in the 30 Day Blog Challenge
hosted by Katie @ Katie’s Journey

Yesterday's challenge is: 
Day 20 - Nicknames
I have many nicknames:
Debbie is a nickname, since my full given name is Deborah that is what most people call me.
I am also sometimes:
Sweetie (or Sweetheart)
My mom often calls me Chris... which is my sister's name
I was once called Debbie~Most~Helpful on some chats
some friends called me the Resource Queen but the nickname is not used often

that is all I can think of... what nicknames do you have??? Join us.

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30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 19

I am participating in the 30 Day Blog Challenge
hosted by Katie @ Katie’s Journey
I am behind in my challenge. Friday's challenge was:
Day 19 - Something you miss
This is one I had to think about for a while. I do have people I miss. Some who are now in heaven and some who are just far away that I don't get to see often. Some of the things I miss have to do with people I miss.

I miss the small town I lived in in Pennsylvania. There were lots of places to walk to "up town", lots of little shops and stores, and it was a great price to ride bikes also. Here in DE where we live my hubby will not let us walk the streets, he fears danger for us, and there is no place to ride bikes either. If we want to take a walk we have to drive to somewhere.

I miss walks "up town" with my dad. Walking on the "wall" in front of the church. Going to the farmer's market for lunchmeat for his lunches for the week, getting fresh potato chips from the Charlie Chips man, and getting plants or flowers for my mom. Stopping at my favorite little shops on the way home from school for new mice dressed up like people or a couple pieces of penny candy was another favorite thing to do.

I miss large movie theaters with huge screens. The one by my home was ornate, like a theater that has plays in it, and they played cartoons on Saturday's before the feature film!! It was great. I also liked it that I could walk there with my friends and walk home again.

That is all I can think of right now. Now to work on yesterday's challenge and then today's.

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Spirit Filled Sunday - Awesome God

"...His return is very close
so you better be believing
that our God is an Awesome God.

Our God is an Awesome God
He reigns from Heaven Above
With Wisdom, Power, and Love
Our God is an Awesome God."

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall Harvest Festival with Cake and Pie Contest (365-302-303)

 Cooking Burgers and Hot Dogs

 The food line... this is where I worked most of the night.

The guy in the blue sweatshirt and green shirt... the one bent over so you can only see his hood...
is my son Nathan.

Nathan in green shirt and sweatshirt.
Christopher next to him with black t-shirt on.

 kids playing touch football

Now some kids playing on the inflatable tunnel of fun with slide and then playing the festival games.
Each child gets a candy for playing each game.
They can play a many times as they want.
I don't know any of the kids... I just wanted photos of the fun.
Inflatable tunnel of fun
through the "wall"
 up and over!
 up.. up.. up the ladder so you can..
 have fun sliding down.


I don't know what they call this...
but the aim of the game is to push your opponent out of the circle.
It looks like fun.

Ready... set.. GO!

Beanbag Toss


Search for your candy... 
talk about needle in a haystack.

The balloon lady

My Daughter Rachel's entry:
Harvest Cake - layered spice cake with buttercream frosting topped with delicate royal icing flowers in autumn colors and harvest accents.
My Daughter Jessica's entry into the contest
Aunt June's Peanut Butter Pie
One of the other entries, by a young girl from our church

The whole row of entries

The judges start their "work"

Judging, judging, judging


This is hard work!
How did I get picked for this job.

Wish I had gotten a picture of Rachel's cake after it was sliced. A picture of the slice would have been great. I just did not think of it.
While we wait for them to add up the totals of the judging we saw a beautiful sky...
painted for us by our Creator
Thank you, Lord.

They are ready to announce the winners

3rd place

2nd place.. 
the chocolate cake with the candy corn and pumpkins, 
by the young girl from our church

First Place
My daughter Rachel's cake
Congrats daughter!

She won a 1st prize ribbon and a $30 gift card to Kmart

Time to go home.
Oh, and everything was free.

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Friday, October 29, 2010

10 Week Fitness Challenge - Week 1

Beginning Monday, October 25 and running through December 31st (65 days), Fit Mommy is hosting its first Fitness Challenge! To participate in the Fit Mommy 10 Week Fitness Challenge: You must set a serious fitness goal for yourself.

My Goals
1. I started back on Weight Watchers this past Friday. So my first goal is to loose at least 15 lbs. That means not only loosing the weight but not gaining it back over the holidays. That will be a definite challenge to me as holidays means food to our family. I will have to find some alternatives.

2. To begin exercising 10 minutes a day at least 3 days a week and increase from there to longer time and more days a week.

I did really well on my WW diet this week. I stuck to my points, and actually less than the points I was allowed most days. Hubby is being very supportive. Bringing me home WW treats from the store and making sure we keep stocked on fruits and veggies. I lost 2 lbs. this week. I worked out Mon. and Wed. and Thurs. for 10 minutes, two day I used the elliptical walker to do my exercise and boy am I out of shape. My legs were killing me. So I accomplished my goal for the week. 9 more weeks to go for the challenge... many more weeks and months until I get back into the shape I want to be in. But I am making steps in the right direction so that is good.

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Yuck, Yuck, Yuck, Yuck


This is one of the more fun products we have tested for TOS Homeschool Review. The title for this post is Yuck, Yuck, Yuck, Yuck because there are 4 kinds of Yuck at Buckets of Fun: Snowy Yuck, Saucy Yuck, Sticky Yuck, and Chunky Yuck. So this will be a very Yucky post. I know, so sorry about that droll pun! I just had to do it. Happy Smileys We got the sample pack, you can get one too, information on that is lower down in the post.

The yuck products are polymers.
"Tiny molecules strung in long repeating chains form polymers. Why should you care? Well for one thing, your body is made of them. DNA, the genetic blueprint that defines people and other living things, is a polymer. So are the proteins and starches in the foods we eat, the wheels on our skateboards and in-line skates, and the tires on our bikes and cars. In fact, we’re surrounded by polymers every day, everywhere we go." (quote from
Well the yuck came in 4 little plastic packages. It also came with a little instruction book with some directions of how to use it... like little experiments. My older son helped me with all of the yuck. My younger son does not like things like this. They make them gag. So he came to look at some of the yuck but did not want to participate or touch it.

Snowy Yuck  
We got about 2 teaspoons of Snowy Yuck in the package. It looks like sugar.

Add 2 cups of water to start and stir

This is what it looked like after 4 cups of water.

It didn't really make a snowball that stays together but it was fun to play in

Here is a video of my son playing with the yuck.

Saucy Yuck
also started out with about 2 tsp. looked a little more powdery than the snowy yuck

this was way to thick... this was supposed to be like applesauce... need to add more water

that's better

little "crystals" of yuck

Sticky Yuck
looks about the same as the others in the package and was about 2 tsp.

but it doesn't look the same after you add water
looks like...

ds would not touch this one

if you have brave children you could have them do this...
my kids would not do this... though I asked
(this picture is from the Buckets of Fun website)

Chunky Yuck
looks very different, like coarse salt or a little larger.

the chunks take a lot longer for the water to soak in

small crystals after about 20 minutes

We added more water and waited and after a couple hours we had this...

Chunky Yuck is my favorite!! It is fun to play with.

See other Yuck Demonstrations on youtube video (click the YouTube box to see them)

What educational value does yuck have??? Not much by itself, but it is a lot of fun!!! You could do a little study on polymers. Here are a couple of  good sites (and I am sure there are more)
Buckets of Fun has been around for 4 years. They are teaming up with a veteran science teacher to bring affordable easy to use projects for the classroom and at home. They said to watch their website in the coming months.

Our samples of yuck also came with a game sheet to show us what could be done with larger quantities of yuck. They suggest using it on a slip and slide,  for a tug of war over a kiddy pool of yuck, or a even yuck balloon toss and they have a lot more ideas.

Here is how you can get a Free Yuck Sample
(One per organization/individual)

Chunky Yuck
1 lb $16      5 lb $70     50 lb $400

Saucy Yuck
1 lb $18     5 lb $80     50 lb $475

Sticky Yuck
1 lb $20     5 lb $90     50 lb $600

Snowy Yuck
1 lb $20     5 lb $90     50 lb $600

They also have some Yuck Accessories a Yuckzooka (shoot some yuck at someone), some Yuck Tints (make yuck yuckier by making it GREEN, or other colors) and a few other things. Buckets of Fun also has other products like a 4 way tug of war called X Force Eliminator, Water Balloon Launchers and Sqwistles (a whistle you squeeze instead of blowing in... so you can pass it around without passing germs around).

Out of five stars I give Yuck:

To see what my other crew members have to say about Yuck check out the TOS Homeschool Crew Blog.

***Buckets of Fun provided me with a a sample of each of the 4 kinds of Yuck so that I could do my review. Though I received this product for free I have given an honest review of it here in this post.

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