Tuesday, October 26, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 16

I am participating in the 30 Day Blog Challenge
hosted by Katie @ Katie’s Journey.  
 Today's challenge is:
Day 16 - Dream house
  • My dream home is in the country or just outside a little town. I want a good neighborhood to walk in. 
  • I want a log home or a stone home. 
  • Master bedroom that is just a bedroom; not a bedroom, an office, and a craft room.
  • I want 3 bedrooms and a suite on the first floor for my mom (the suite needs a bedroom, sitting room and bathroom.
  • 3 1/2 baths (including the one in my mom's part of the house or just 3 if her bathroom is easy enough to access for those downstairs).
  • Hubby wants good windows.
  • Large kitchen with an island and marble countertops.
  • Must have a wrap around porch. Dream home would also have part of that wrap around porch screened in for eating out doors and then a sun room on the back. Also a small patio area for the grill.
  • Dream home would have a finished basement. In the finished basement a workout room with Wii, and a storage/pantry area. (a few of the areas listed below in the somewhere in the house part would probably be in the basement also.
  • Attached garage.
  • Shed in the back yard large enough for wood working shop/tool shop.
  • Somewhere in the house we also need:
    • an art studio for dh and dd (probably over the garage)
    • A photo lab area for dh. (probably in basement)
    • A homeschool room/library/office (would like this to have windows so not in basement)
    • Movie viewing room/family room (this may be in the basement)
    • A craft/sewing room/area for dd's and I (wherever it fits)
    • Hubby wants a recording room (for copying old records to cd's and for us to record ourselves singing)
  • Must have enough land for a large garden.
  • Built in Swimming Pool.
Dream Home Link... sorta like this... though the inside layout matter to.

My dream home will probably not be lived in by me until heaven, and then I am sure it will look a lot different, but you never know.

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