Wednesday, June 30, 2010

L2L #6

Please... click on the picture to see a larger view so you can see each of the individual pictures better.

Assignment: using the verse below, try to interpret each of the words.
“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Against such there is no law.” Galatians 5:22-23 ~The Holy Bible

Explanations of some of the photos:
Kindness: Trying to help a turtle cross the road. He snapped at Nathan and did not like being helped. We had to leave him there and pray for the Creator, our God, to watch over his creation and not let him get hit.
Goodness: My mom and her friends in Needlework Guild of America, Concordville, PA branch, making bibs for a nursing home
Self Control: our car got hit by a guy fleeing the police, he needed more self control, we needed it to bare up under this trial.

365-181 and Wordless Wednesday - Star Wars Memorabilia

My favorite Star Wars Mug

Someone in the comments asked where I got this.
I got this, and some others that will be up later this week, at the Star Wars Exhibit at the Smithsonian in Washington, DC many years ago.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

365-180 and Tackle It Tuesday - Cleaning my Star Wars Collectables

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

One of the things on my summer to-do list is to thoroughly clean my bedroom.
Today I tackled the top of my bookcase.
It was in need of dusting and cleaning...
Don't you think??




All Cleaned up now.

I think I need to dust this self more regularly.

I added this to this week's Tackle at Tackle It Tuesday... check it out.

I will be posting individual pictures of my collection over the next few days for the 365 project.

Monday, June 28, 2010

TOS Crew Review - Blog Walk 3

  1. All American Family I really like the post on Purpose she recently did.
  2. Growing Fruit I enjoyed reading the meme she did on Five Question Friday and learning about her son with hearing troubles and other learning struggles 
  3. Learning to Teach this is a homeschool mom on the crew who has a very new blog. I could not comment because she has comments turned off unless you have a homeschool blogger account. I don't. Maybe she will figure that out soon and make changes so that everyone can comment on her blog.
  4. Codex Young Author's Publishing Program Her recent post on making a volcano with her boys was great... she got some great photos. Again though, I could not comment.
  5. Stairsteps Homeschool Academy A wonderful looking blog with a recent post on Workboxes... we love using our workboxes. Her kids look adorable. For a third time I could not comment.
  6. Kingdom Academy I loved her post on Summertime. I spend way to much time shut away from my family and working on planning and recording. I need to spend more time enjoying my family and my summer vacation. School will start back up before I know it. I could not leave a comment.
  7. Living Sola Gratia I loved the recent hymn she posted, "My Lord I Did Not Choose You", It has a great message.
  8. Wynfield Christian Academy  a link to a school, I am not sure where she will be posting the reviews, there does not seem to be a personal blog there.
  9. The Cow Queen  participated in my Blast From The Past this week... I hope she will come back and link up her post. Check it out here: The Kiss
  10. Peace Creek on the Prairie She did a great post on Passionate Housewives Desperate for God. I just finished reading that book. It was very good and very convicting. 
Well, that is the blog walk for this week. I hope you will join and meet some of the new ladies on the crew this year and in doing that you will be meeting a great bunch of homeschool moms.

Note: the blog used for #8 will be Wynfield's Musings See comment below. She has a lot of reviews there.

    The Fundamentals of Writing with Jim Baumgardner of Sarah Books

    A friend of mine, a member of the TOS Homeschool Review Crew has a guest post on Writing on her blog by one of the men whose book the crew reviewed last year. Check it out here: The Fundamentals of Writing with Jim Baumgardner of Sarah Books Check it out.

    Blast From The Past - Baby Christopher 1986-1987

    Blast From the Past Blog Button - mom

    Click this link to go to the Blast From The Past Rules

    In honor of Christopher's 1/2 birthday I am doing pictures of him at birth and one month old.

    We celebrate Christopher's 1/2 birthday because of his real birthday being so close to Christmas. It spreads out the gift getting... and buying (for us).
    Here is Baby Christopher

    Birth Day

    The rest of the pictures my dh Court took when Christopher was a few weeks old.

    Love this look

    Enough of the pictures!!

    Hubby used his thumb for size reference.

    Cutsie Ear!

    Tiny fingers and nails

    Big brother and little brother

    I thought I would add a recent picture so you can see what my big boys look like now... in case you are new to my blog.

    I am trying out a new link system. Let me know what you think in the comment box. I hope you will join me in doing the blast this week. I hope you will read the rules, grab my button and link up.

    365-176-179 Portfolios for School

    This past weekend I worked on the boys portfolios.
    This is the cover. I found these at A.C. Moore. I was glad the boys did not think they looked to babyish, or to girlie. My husband thought I pieced this together myself. Free Icons I wish I had that kind of talent. I'm happy to know he thinks so highly of me.

    The sections are cardstock with various stickers and clip art from the Internet.

    I will not bore you with pages and pages of my boys work. Suffice it to say that behind each of these pages are samples of my boys work... also in plastic pages. I have been doing it this way for a long time. It makes it easy for the kids to go look through their portfolios from previous years without damaging or staining anything. These will also be available for future generations to see, and they are there in case I need them for proof to authorities of what we accomplished.

    A lot of the clip art on this page and all the pages below, except the Math page, came from
    I love that site... they have some of the cutest clipart...I did use other sites, too.

    Christopher did Saxon Algebra 1/2, Nathan did Teaching Textbooks Algebra 2.

    We covered 1455-1583 this year with a bit of "review" stuff in the beginning of the year that I forgot to cover the end of last year. There is a lot of stuff in this time period. As you can see we did Renaissance, Reformation, and Explorers.

    We did A Young Scholar's Guide to Composers by Melissa E. Craig and Maggie S. Hogan from Bright Ideas Press. I did a review of this for TOS last year if you want to see it click here. The boys enjoyed it very much. This was one of the products we reviewed that we worked on all year and completed. Many of the others we only used for a few weeks.

    I made a game for Young Scholars, too. Adapted from their curriculum. I thought I posted it already, but I just did a search and looked at my posts and I didn't. Maybe I will take pictures and post that later this week.

    We did Chemistry this year. I love the clipart of the little boy with the test tube and goggles almost in the center of the page.

    We have done a few projects that will not fit in this format of portpholio, our lapbooks for one. I just keep them in a box that I decorated. I will post pictures of them later this week after we get them put together. I need to get some more double sided tape first.

    I may also be including some photos of activities we did this year. I have not done that yet.

    The rest of the pages for the portfolios are done.
    Filled in for another year.
    On to other summer projects.

    I am also adding this to the meme Stitching, Sketching, Scrapping Sunday


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