Monday, June 28, 2010

TOS Crew Review - Blog Walk 3

  1. All American Family I really like the post on Purpose she recently did.
  2. Growing Fruit I enjoyed reading the meme she did on Five Question Friday and learning about her son with hearing troubles and other learning struggles 
  3. Learning to Teach this is a homeschool mom on the crew who has a very new blog. I could not comment because she has comments turned off unless you have a homeschool blogger account. I don't. Maybe she will figure that out soon and make changes so that everyone can comment on her blog.
  4. Codex Young Author's Publishing Program Her recent post on making a volcano with her boys was great... she got some great photos. Again though, I could not comment.
  5. Stairsteps Homeschool Academy A wonderful looking blog with a recent post on Workboxes... we love using our workboxes. Her kids look adorable. For a third time I could not comment.
  6. Kingdom Academy I loved her post on Summertime. I spend way to much time shut away from my family and working on planning and recording. I need to spend more time enjoying my family and my summer vacation. School will start back up before I know it. I could not leave a comment.
  7. Living Sola Gratia I loved the recent hymn she posted, "My Lord I Did Not Choose You", It has a great message.
  8. Wynfield Christian Academy  a link to a school, I am not sure where she will be posting the reviews, there does not seem to be a personal blog there.
  9. The Cow Queen  participated in my Blast From The Past this week... I hope she will come back and link up her post. Check it out here: The Kiss
  10. Peace Creek on the Prairie She did a great post on Passionate Housewives Desperate for God. I just finished reading that book. It was very good and very convicting. 
Well, that is the blog walk for this week. I hope you will join and meet some of the new ladies on the crew this year and in doing that you will be meeting a great bunch of homeschool moms.

Note: the blog used for #8 will be Wynfield's Musings See comment below. She has a lot of reviews there.

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    Mama Squirrel said...

    Hi Debbie, Thanks for the interesting blogs to visit! For #8, her reviews are here: .


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