Monday, June 21, 2010

Blast From The Past - My Daddy and I

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In honor of Father's Day I thought I would do a picture of my Dad.
(click the picture to see an enlarged view)

My Daddy and I

This was taken at Longwood Gardens.
I have no idea what year this was, I look about 7 or so, so maybe 1967 or 1968??? Who knows!

I was not crying, I did not want to look into the sun.
I love and miss my dad. He died in 1976. I was only 14 yrs. old. I was still daddy's girl. I still miss him.

This Blast was in honor of my dad.
Join me with your old photos from your childhood... you children's childhood or yesterday. Please grab my button in the sidebar and sign Mr. Linky.


Bacskocky said...

Love your picture! I thought the look on your face was more of a "do I HAVE to have my picture taken?" than avoiding the sun ;)

I have linked up!

Tess said...

Thanks for doing the Blast from the Past.. what a great topic this week to tie in to Father's Day!

Laura O said...

I can relate to trying to avoid the sun in outdoor pictures. I still have problems with it. My dad took several photos of my sisters and I over Thanksgiving this past year and in each one I couldn't keep my eyes open.

Now I'm wishing I could find some good photos of me with my dad when I was little. But, I fear they are all at HIS house.

April said...

What a great picture! And a great idea! I've linked up and look forward to joining you next week!

Kimberly Kovach said...

Love that gorgeous head of hair which your downward gaze shows off. :)


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