Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day 2010 (also counting as 365-150) [lots of photos]

First we picked my Mom up at my Sister's house.

First event of the day
Memorial Day Parade in Wayne, PA
the town I grew up in.
The gang's all here!
Right foreground to left: Nathan, Jessica, Christopher, Rachel, Mom, Court.

The Parade Begins.

Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge.
Love this photo.

Local Fireman

Love this cat!!Free Smileys
That's the Life!!!

Sr. Center
love the trolley

Boy Scouts

Radnor Historical Society (in case you can't read the sign)
Love these horses! Free Avatars

love, love, love these!

My hubby said, "Look, it's Andy Griffith."

Valley Forge Military Academy

The Parade ends.

Then we go over to the grocery store and buy flowers.

Then over to the Cemetary
The section where my Dad and some other family members are buried.

My dad's grave (and where my mom will be some day should the Lord tarry)

I miss you Daddy!
Sad Smileys

Sad Smileys

looking at Dad's grave

an Uncle

an Aunt

an Aunt

an Uncle

two of my cousins (brothers buried side by side)

My girls, Rachel and Jessica
in the patriotic skirts they made

After the cemetary we went to the Mall and ate lunch.
Then the boys shopped at the Lego Store.
They had never been in one before...
there were too many choices.

Then we dropped my Mom off and went home to relax.

Going to the parade, the cemetery, and then out to lunch has become a tradition for our family.
I have been going to this parade since I was a little girl.
I went to the parade, with friends, while Mom went to the hospital the day my Dad died.
I was 14.
I have years and years of pictures of our family at this parade.
It is a great tradition.

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Tracy said...

WOW! Loved the flags, firetrucks and the CAT!


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