Monday, July 17, 2017

Recruits: a facinating book

***** (5 stars out of 5)
Loved this book. Loved it. Loved it.
Wonderful. Ingenious. Creative. Original. Stupendous.

Transiting; moving, bodily, from one realm to another. The twins have seen their destination, dreamed of it, and drawn it, before they knew it was a real place, before they had the privilege of feeling the power within them, and traveling instantaneously to the train station in another world.

Is that all there is? Traveling back and forth to different worlds? Of course not. There is romance and there is a BATTLE coming. Every good book has a conflict that the main characters must solve. This conflict is a dilly. Dillon and Sean had been attacked, way back in chapter 13. The enemy knew that the twins were dangerous. The twins could foil their plans and they wanted to take them out early.

     “Shield the folks.”
     “I've been doing that.”
     “You feel it too, don't you?”
     “I feel something. I have no idea what it is. He watched Dillon ease himself down to the floor, “What just happened?”
     “I shut my eyes and I rose up and I went out into the yard. And I hunted.” pg 117

Cool. Now they can not only Transit but they can leave their bodies protected and go outside them and look around for trouble.

The Assembly (those in control) do not believe that the twins know anything about, or could hope to prevent, a coming battle. Dillon and Sean and their family have been attacked. Twice now, actually. The Assembly have a scapegoat and are blaming everything on him. Who really attacked them. The scapegoat happened to be someone I did not like earlier in the book. I wanted him to be punished. I wanted it to be him causing all this trouble.

What will happen? Will the authorities believe them in time to prevent a disaster?  Will Dillon and Sean come up with a plan? Will their plan be successful? Will others be hurt, even killed? What about the Earth?

This world and it's characters were believable, which is unbelievable. Locke's writing is so superb that you believe it could happen. That in itself is a wonder. 

Descriptions are realistic... I accept that the worlds Locke created exist, and wish I could travel to them. They are nothing like Earth. 

The characters and the plot seem to propel each other forward. Not one taking over and pushing the book forward unnaturally. 

Locke uses his pseudonym to write books that are outside the Christian fiction genre, which he writes with his real name, and I think this is my favorite Locke book so far. It was extraordinary.

I highly recommend that you read this book, find out the answers to my questions for yourself, and I hope that you find it as fascinating as I did.

You can find Thomas Locke and all his contact information at

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Ember Falls - A Fabulous Book

***** (5 stars out of 5)

I was greatly blessed by God and the author with a complimentary copy of this book. I wanted to buy a copy of the book in hardback but I could not afford it right now. I sent a message to the author on his Facebook page. I told him that if he could send me a copy of his book I would share my review everywhere I could. I would have done the same if I had bought the book, I like it so much. He graciously sent me a copy. Not only a copy but a hardback copy. Not only a hardback copy but a signed hardback copy.

I love this series so much. I share my love of this series with everyone I can. I had the manager of my library order copies of all three of the books in this series for the library.

A wonderful book. Great. Better than the first book in the series, and the prequel. Loved it.

One of my favorite quotes in the book. Something we should all practice.
Do the next right thing.” (pg 22)

The plot of the book (and a quote) - “A resistance to unite. An impossible foe to conquer. A kingdom to win.” (pg 14)

The characters – memorable, well developed, superb. You love the “good guys” … battling, doing their duty and more, fighting the bad guys, rescuing friends and relatives, healing the sick and injured, and doing the next right thing.

...and despise the “bad guys.”
    “From behind the immovable guard, Kyle appeared, Heather's inside churned. Here he was, this handsome, charming, disarming scoundrel.”
    “What's in the past, Kyle, and what we can't forget, Princeling,” Heather said, “is our friendship destroyed, our friends murdered, and our future king betrayed.” pg 111

I did not trust Kyle or his father, but the author writes well and I was lured into a tentative hope... I won't give you any details to ruin the story. Do they follow through and redeem themselves or return to their old scroundreling ways?? You will have to read for yourself and find out.

Kyle says...
    “In Terralain, all rabbits are free, and all are equal. All kings and queens–if only they will grab it.” (pg 115)

That is nonsense. On earth there are always rich and poor. Powerful and powerless. Oppressed and Oppressor. And some take advantage of others and their belief that people can change. Even in heaven, where all humans will be equal, there will be God and his Son to honor and glorify for all our days. They are liars, or socialists, and socialism does not work... I think they are just liars and scoundrels.

Oh my, the other things that happen in this book that I wish I could tell you. Things I was not expecting. Many surprising turns of events. 

And... just so you know... this book does not end the story... and I am glad. There will be a book 3 for the series, or more... we shall have to wait and see.

Thank you S.D. Smith. Thank you so much. For the gift of this signed hardback book and for the gift of your writing in all three of your books. I enjoy them so much I want to be one of the herd.

You can get the book (in popular paperback, haughty hard cover, or electric..uh, eBook) at Amazon, of course.

Or, you can get book (in all those forms + audiobook) at S.D. Smith's he has SWORDS and NECKLACES and SHIRTS for sale and some rad combos.

I wish I had more money. I would love some Ember memorabilia. 

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