Thursday, June 27, 2013

Think Back Thursday ~ Vacation

Unlike the cute picture above our family does not really enjoy the beach. Our favorite vacations are usually in the "off" season when the public school kids are back in school, and we like historical places.

I am featuring my favorite vacations we ever took.
Trips to Williamsburg, VA in 2001 and 2002.
At that time you could buy a year long pass to Williamsburg for less than it cost to make just one trip. We didn't think we could make many trips but we figured we could at least get there twice... just about a year apart... to make it worth the money we spent.

So here is the trip in October 2001
Historical Williamsburg
 October 12, 2001
Nathan on the left in the stocks (age 7), Christopher (you can only see his legs, feet at the bottom and his hands holding on at the top, age 4), Rachel in the stocks (age 15), Jessica standing next to her (age 12).

Now you can see little Christopher!

Playing on the harpsicord

cutie pie

 October 12, 2001

Now for our trip in September 2002
 Sept. 22th, 2002
 This is a combo of 3 photos of the kids that I "pasted" next to each other. They all "peeked" out the same whole at the same time.
Nathan, Jessica, Christopher

Christopher and Jessica lower outdoor deck

"Ready to fight???"

 "I'm with ya' brother!"                                

                                      "I'm ready!"

"Fight!!!"                         Fight who???

Sept. 23th, 2002

working with the Flax

 Nathan was picked out of the crowd to help with the cannon demonstration

     Run Nathan, Run!

 Jessica and Nathan in one of the tents

Carter's Grove 
Sept. 24th, 2002

 I took a picture of hubby with only his head showing when we were there on our honeymoon... so I took one of him and the kids this time.

Historical Williamsburg
Sept. 25th, 2002
 One of the "characters"
Patrick Henry if I remember correctly

A play we watched

 The wig shop

 The Governor's Palace

We had a grand trip. Unfortunately our youngest son remembers nothing from this trip. I wish we could make another trip. I hope to one day.

Now it is your turn. I'm sure lots of you have vacation pictures.
Wouldn't you love to share them with us???

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