Sunday, June 6, 2010

Spirit Filled Sunday - Sunday Meetin' Time

I just love Sunday Mornings, and have since I was a little girl... worship and praise, hymns and praise music, special music, prayer and messages, Sunday School and Church time, sharing with fellow Christians.

I hope you enjoy this!!
Have a blessed day,
Worship the Lord with other believers,


Anonymous said...

And just's supposed to happen everyday. It did in Acts and I hope the Church can return to it someday. Wouldn't it be wonderful!

Laura O said...

Debbie ~ going TO church and being surrounded by other believers with the focus on Christ is what I love about Sundays, too.

I guess the Catholic Church is unique as there is the opportunity to do this every day of the week (unless it's a more remote parish with a shared priest.)

Hope you have a blessed week....


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