Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Great High School Posts and Resources

Wow!!! Free Userbars Heart of the Matter has had some great posts the last few days and the E-magazine edition for the month of June is awesome looking. I will definitely be taking time to read through the magazine... I downloaded the pdf copy. I have already read through and printed out some of the posts about High School. I hope these help someone out... You should definitely sign up to follow Heart of the Matter... they really get to the heart of the matter!!!Free Avatars
  • The Heart of the Matter E-Magazine: June 2010 Edition: Focus on High School  this is the whole thing and includes the following and more...
    • Grading Without Tests
    • Why Homeschool Through High School?
    • God Was Homeschooling ME
    • Following the Career Path Road, Oh My!
    • To GED or Not to GED?
    • Through the Eyes of a High Schooler 
I hope you are challenged by and enjoy these resources,

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