Wednesday, October 13, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 3

I am participating in the 30 Day Blog Challenge hosted by Katie @ Katie’s Journey.  
Today's challenge is:
Day 3-Your first love
How to answer this question? Truthfully.
I thought of a lot of ways to answer this question. They are all the truth.
  • The Lord Jesus Christ... my savior, friend, one who listens to my pleas and never judges unfairly, one who loves me more than I could ever imagine. Happy Smileys
  • My first "boyfriend was when I was 13. I was way to young. I wish I had saved my love for my husband. We did not live near each other. He lived near my brother whom I was visiting that summer. He broke my heart. Free Blinkies
  • There was also a second and third boyfriend. The second was only a couple weeks. When I was in High School The third was during college. It lased a year. I thought it was a relationship, but he never told me he was not looking for a relationship because he was in the army and had to do a couple years of service overseas... he also broke my heart. Free Userbars
  • My daughters are doing it right. I am so proud of them. They are saving their hearts, kisses, love for the one man God has for them to marry. They will have a lot less scars.
  • 26 years ago I found my first True Love. My hubby. Free Smileys Love that lasts. Love that is committed to being in a to death do we part marriage. Love that is based on respect and honor. Love that is "each for the other and both for the Lord."

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