Monday, October 25, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday... On Monday????

I am posting on Monday because today is the day to start a new fitness challenge at Denise @ Got Chai. She is teaming up with Mrs. White from the Legacy of Home and they have created a challenge. You can see the details below and on this link to the challenge on Got Chai. I am highlighting the challenge part that I copied from Got Chai so you can tell what is mine and what is not. I am also not quoting exactly. I am leaving out some details so go to Got Chai to sign up and to see the details.

Beginning Monday, October 25 and running through December 31st (65 days), Fit Mommy is hosting its first Fitness Challenge! 

To participate in the Fit Mommy 10 Week Fitness Challenge:

You must set a serious fitness goal for yourself. 

You may track your progress by using the handy Fit Mommy 10 Week Daily Checklist available through Mrs. White's blog. This is not a requirement but simply a tool for you to use.

Then on December 31st, each participant will post their results. The winner --the one who met their goals successfully--will receive a fabulous prize package!!!
Now for my goals:
1. I started back on Weight Watchers this past Friday. So my first goal is to loose at least 15 lbs. That means not only loosing the weight but not gaining it back over the holidays. That will be a definite challenge to me as holidays means food to our family. I will have to find some alternatives.

2. To begin exercising 10 minutes a day at least 3 days a week and increase from there to longer time and more days a week.

The challenge started today. I have stuck to my diet so far today. I exercised 10 minutes today on the eliptical walker. I am soo sore. I am sooooooo out of shape. I hope by the end of this challenge that I will be on the way to fitness and health. To continue on and to loose all the weight I want to loose and to get healthy for myself, my hubby, my kids and my future grandkids. I want to be here for them.

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Guiding Light said...

Welcome aboard - glad to have you along for the ride. Looking forward to hearing your successes!

Kelly said...

You can do it Debbie! I'll be here to help encourage you. I've been sticking to my diet today too. And I've drank one large glass of water (large being about 48 oz.). I also had my one salad today. Now I just have to figure out dinner for tonight and I'll be set - oh and go exercise. I should do that now while no one is around.

Annette W. said...

Good for you! It sounds reasonable!

Briana said...

Good job!


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