Saturday, October 23, 2010

365-294-296 Another trip to the Surplus Store - Great Finds!!

Find #1 Stereo Microscope
Great find. Great Price.

Find #2
Microscope with 4 lenses
The lenses are 4x, 10x, 43x, 100x
It also has an adjustable diaphragm. You can use this to control the amount of light reaching the object being viewed. It works like the pupil of your eye.

I looked online to find a description of the special parts that hold the slides. This is what we have on the microscope we bought.
"Stage: The platform on which the prepared slide or object to be viewed is placed. A slide is usually held in place by spring-loaded metal stage clips. More sophisticated high-powered microscopes have mechanical stages which allow the viewer to smoothly move the stage along the X (horizontal path) and Y (vertical path) axis. A mechanical stage is a must for high-power observing."
I found this great description:  

Now for the pictures

Great Price

Item #3
Simple Machines Kit
everything in the box for $10.00
We are studying Physics this year so this stuff will come in handy.

5 books
10 cents each
Love it.

New chair
My old one broke
The bottom came off the chair when my son carried it downstairs for me.
Then the next day when I sat on it the piston that holds the chair up just let out all the air pressure in it.
The chair would not go up any more.
We get all our computer desk chairs from the surplus store. My last one did not have a large a back, this one is much nicer. It does need to be cleaned. For now I am sitting on a towel. Hubby promised to get some upholstery cleaner.
Price $10.00
A lot cheaper than a new chair.
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Awesome finds!!!!


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