Thursday, October 28, 2010


Beginning of home repair projects
New Doorknobs
We especially needed a new one on this laundry room door. 
Since it will also be a bathroom now it will need a lock.
Christopher did this one.

We also had some broken doorknobs so the boys replaced them also.

My mom said she has trouble turning door nobs so we got two with the handles that you push down on instead of turn.
Nathan's turn to do some door knobs.

I could not get in the bathroom to take a picture and he was behind the door so I banked this shot off the bathroom mirror! LOL

These projects count as Home and Life Management 
(our version of Home Ec which includes way more than cooking)
Boys and girls need to gain a number of skills in order to keep a home running.
The boys will be getting painting and plumbing experience in the next week or so.

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Tracy said...

Awesome job and good skills for the kids!


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