Sunday, October 17, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 5

I am participating in the 30 Day Blog Challenge hosted by Katie @ Katie’s Journey.  
Today's challenge is:
Day 5-Your siblings
I posted this before but since it has all of us I thought I would post it again.
Dad (Lew, Sr.) holding me; Mom (Beatrice); Bob; Chris; Lew, Jr.

The four of us kids and mom. 
Christmas Eve 1994
From left, standing: Lew, Jr; Bob
From left, seated: Chris, Mom, Me

Lew, Jr and I
Lew is 15 yrs older than me.
He is an electrical engineer. 
I don't remember much about living at home with Lew.
Most of my childhood memories start after he was in college.
I remember being in his wedding and I remember many times at his home over the years and times playing with and babysitting his children. I was only 10 when my niece was born. It was cool to be an aunt at such a young age.
More recent picture of my brother Lew with one of his granddaughters on his lap.

Chris and I
Chris is 12 years older than I am.
Chris is a bookkeeper and manager of a carpet store.
She has done the bookkeeping and managing of a number of businesses over the years.
She spoiled me and she spoiled my kids when they were little.
She was and is a great sister.
More recent picture of Chris

I could not find a good picture of my brother bob and I when I was young. You will have to look at the one of all of us on the top of this post.
Bob is 9 yrs. older than I am.
He is the only sibling that really picked on me when I was younger, 
but he was good to me sometimes too. 
Bob is a mechanic and works on really large air compressors.
Here is a more recent picture of Bob with his granddaughter.

Those are my sibling. I hope you enjoyed meeting them. Join us on the 30 day blog challenge. I am behind now but hope to catch up today.

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Chris said...

If only I could look like I looked in the family picture again - enough wishful thinking - it will never happen - thanks for the compliment - love you too!


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