Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tag~ I'm It!

Laura @ Day By Day in Our World tagged me in this fun meme. There are 8 questions for me to answer, and then I will tag 8 people to answer 8 questions I think up. Actually she gave us 6 questions and then let us pick the last two from the three sets of questions she answered. Laura is so popular she got tagged three times. LOL

1. Do you do anything that one of your parents did during your youth and what is it?  My husband had to help me with this one as I am struggling with my brain today as it is rainy, I did not sleep well last night and I have a sinus headache. I told him I was struggling to answer this question and he gave me several ideas, all of which I will tell you about now. 1. We like to take drives on Sunday afternoons. Drives to nowhere in particular. Spur of the moment is the best. (this is like my dad) 2. I like flea markets. I like the diversity of old and new stuff and especially cheap stuff. (both my parents liked flea markets but my dad the most I think). 3.

2. Any addictions in your life or ones that you've overcome?  Like Laura (who tagged me) I did watch soaps on T.V. it was during college. I am not sure if I watched them before that or not but I know I got addicted during college. I watched General Hospital. It was so bad that I was 5 minutes late for one class every day that class met, for one whole semester, so that I would not miss the last 5 minutes of the show. After college I worked one year and could not watch then I married my hubby and we did not have a T.V. When we finally got a TV years later I did not pick back up on watching soap operas. I do watch other things but we don't have cable. I am able to watch some shows on the internet.

3. Do you have a 'must see' TV program (or more) in your house? I have must see programs: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Biggest Loser, Celebrity Apprentice, Hell's Kitchen and a few others. During the summer I watched Master Chef and Wipeout.These are all programs I have on my subscription list on Where I can watch them after they are on TV. It is nice because I subscribe to favorite shows and it puts them in my Queue whenever new shows are available. Then I can watch them. The boys do not watch any TV, only shows we have on DVD. If the girls watch anything it is on their computers. My hubby does not watch TV either. Only DVD's when we are watching as a family.

4. Where do you get your news fix?  Newspaper? TV? Internet?? I do not have or get a news fix. I do not read the news. Hubby keeps up on things through the Internet and lets me know stuff if it is important. I do not really care to keep up. Maybe that is terrible, but it is what it is. When we need to vote I go online and do research.

5. Are there any locations you want to visit? Hawaii (I would like to cruise the islands, I was there in 1981 as a geology field trip from my college, very low budget we stayed in tents and churches most of the time); Disney (the kids and hubby have never been there, I was there in 1979 as a graduation present from my brother); Grand Canyon; Plymouth; Branson, MO; and Williamsburg, VA (again, Christopher does not remember our trip from 2001 he was only 5yrs old). There may be others but that is all I can think of right now.

6. How many places have you lived?  States? or Homes, Apartments, Trailers? Does College count?? States it is only 3, 4 if college counts, but we have been back and forth and back and forth.
1. Born and raised in PA lived in the same house from birth to college.
2. College was in NY.
3. Then I moved to Salisbury, MD to work.I lived with 2 different families of students from the Christian school I was working in.
4. Then back to PA for a few months while we finished up plans for the wedding.
5. Back to Salisbury to an apartment with hubby after we got married.
6. Then we moved in with my mom for a few months in PA, because of a job offer. Job fell through there, hubby got another job, but we couldn't afford our own place. Had Rachel while living with mom.
7. Back to Salisbury area but lived in Delmar, DE at the very southern part of the state of DE, in a trailer. We had our daughter Jessica while in this trailer. Hubby lost his job in MD and could not find work.
8. He finally got a job at the company my sister was managing so we moved back to PA to my mom's house until we found our own place.
9. We moved into an apartment in DE and hubby went back and forth to work, driving over an hour.
10. From the apartment we moved into a trailer after we had our third child. Hubby had a local job by this time.
11. Our last move was into our current home. We have lived here the longest, more than 12 years now.

Now the questions I chose from the ones Laura answered:
7. If you could live any place in the world, where would you live?  More out in the country or in a small town. I would love to have a place to walk and ride bikes to like when I was young. A couple acres would be ok, with enough room for a small garden. Don't really care what state, except it would be nice if it was homeschool friendly. Want room for my mom on the first floor, mother-in-law suite with sitting room, bedroom, and her own bathroom. Have dreams of the home, would love it if some of them could come true. A few more rooms, a little bit larger rooms, a large porch, and a few other things.

8. What is the best vacation that you have ever taken? Well since I can't exactly count Hawaii in 1981, because it was a field trip and not a vacation. I will say Williamsburg. We got 1 year passes and we went twice once in October 2001 and once September 2002. It was the best vacation we have had as a family. We had one other vacation to Virginia. We did Harper's Ferry, Antietam, Gettysburg, and then Sight and Sound in Lancaster, PA on the way home. Those area our only vacations as a family. We have done day trips and overnights in Lancaster a few times, but no other real vacations.

Now for the people I am tagging. It will be hard to figure out who has not done this recently. This tag has been going around the blog- o- sphere. I am tagging some homeschool friends and some non-homeschool friends. I chose non homeschool related questions so that works.
Annette @ Live, Learn, Love
Jennifer @ a glimpse of our life
Mrs. White @ Legacy of Home
Lori @ Hearthside Homeschool Reviews

These are the questions those I am tagging should answer. According to what others have done I am also answering the questions I am asking those I tag.
  1. Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? If so, how close to being finished are you? Are you making any Christmas gifts? Have you started them? I’d like to know your Christmas shopping personality. 
  2. Sweet or salty ... your favorite snack?
  3. Last date you were on with just your spouse?
  4. Do you dye your hair and if you do what is your natural color? 
  5. What is one of your favorite “guilty pleasures”?
  6. What makes you human (i.e. less then perfect)?
  7. Do you decorate your house for the seasons? If so, do you have a specific treasured ornament or decoration?
  8. When your kids all leave the nest what is one job you would like to try in all your free time?
My answers to the above questions...
1. Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? If so, how close to being finished are you? Are you making any Christmas gifts? Have you started them? I’d like to know your Christmas shopping personality. Hubby and I have asked the kids to make their lists. We plan to talk about and start Christmas Shopping this weekend. I always make each family member a Christmas ornament. I make them all similar, sometimes exactly the same, sometimes with minor details different like the color or their name on it. Hubby likes to do most of the shopping online and all of it as early as possible.

2. Sweet or salty ... your favorite snack? Both. Growing up when we would go out for a treat, like at Friendly's, I would always get french fries and ice cream. I still like them together best.

3. Last date you were on with just your spouse? Last Friday night hubby and I went to an evening marriage seminar. They serve dessert and coffee and tea, it is held at a country club in our area and it is free. The do them once in the spring and once in the fall.

4. Do you dye your hair and if you do what is your natural color?  Nope... no dye, it is the color God made it, at this present time that color is salt and pepper but the salt is winning out over the pepper. LOL

5. What is one of your favorite “guilty pleasures”? a chocolate Chick-fil-a shake

6. What makes you human (i.e. less then perfect)? my laziness, procrastination, anger, selfishness... should I go on?? I could you know. Praise God that he and my family love me anyway.

7. Do you decorate your house for the seasons? If so, do you have a specific treasured ornament or decoration? We decorate for fall, we have stuffed pumpkins, window decorations, and a few other things. We decorate a lot for Christmas. My most treasured ornament right now would be a Christmas ornament that I made the first year we were married. It is a stocking that has candlewicking on it and the date and "First Christmas Together" sewn on it.

8. When your kids all leave the nest what is one job you would like to try in all your free time? I would like to volunteer at Winterthur and or work at or volunteer at the library. I also hope to help with my grandkids education.

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    Annette W. said...

    It was fun to read about you...not all was new to me, but still fun to read.

    I don't know if I will get to answering these in a post, but I will quickly say that I shop year round for Christmas...keep a good stash, too. It may not help me to budget, but it lets me buy for our big families. (I'm one of five kids!)

    And I do not decorate seasonally...except Christmas. I just don't have an eye for it.

    Yep, I have started dying my hair. It was a long hard decision.

    Last date...does a wedding count? That was 10-10-10. We rarely get a babysitter...the cost and such. Before that was probably spring or summer when my MIL visited.

    Mrs. White said...

    Thanks Debbie!!!!

    These questions are such fun. Out of all the ones you mentioned, I will answer this one:

    "Any addictions you've overcome?"

    My Answer:
    Yes. I gave up eating M and M candies! But it took years!

    PS: I just nominated you for the Homeschool Blog awards. I think it was for best blog design.

    Jennifer said...

    Thanks, Debbie! I see some more similarities with us in your answers to Laura's questions, specifically #s 4 and 5, but I have never been to Hawaii at all.

    Laura O said...

    Debbie ~ thanks for posting answers to the questions. Even if you were camping, I'd count any trip to Hawaii as a vacation ;o) Given the high cost of hotel rooms (and needing more than one at most places now with 4 kids), I suspect any vacations we take will involve camping.


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