Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall Harvest Festival with Cake and Pie Contest (365-302-303)

 Cooking Burgers and Hot Dogs

 The food line... this is where I worked most of the night.

The guy in the blue sweatshirt and green shirt... the one bent over so you can only see his hood...
is my son Nathan.

Nathan in green shirt and sweatshirt.
Christopher next to him with black t-shirt on.

 kids playing touch football

Now some kids playing on the inflatable tunnel of fun with slide and then playing the festival games.
Each child gets a candy for playing each game.
They can play a many times as they want.
I don't know any of the kids... I just wanted photos of the fun.
Inflatable tunnel of fun
through the "wall"
 up and over!
 up.. up.. up the ladder so you can..
 have fun sliding down.


I don't know what they call this...
but the aim of the game is to push your opponent out of the circle.
It looks like fun.

Ready... set.. GO!

Beanbag Toss


Search for your candy... 
talk about needle in a haystack.

The balloon lady

My Daughter Rachel's entry:
Harvest Cake - layered spice cake with buttercream frosting topped with delicate royal icing flowers in autumn colors and harvest accents.
My Daughter Jessica's entry into the contest
Aunt June's Peanut Butter Pie
One of the other entries, by a young girl from our church

The whole row of entries

The judges start their "work"

Judging, judging, judging


This is hard work!
How did I get picked for this job.

Wish I had gotten a picture of Rachel's cake after it was sliced. A picture of the slice would have been great. I just did not think of it.
While we wait for them to add up the totals of the judging we saw a beautiful sky...
painted for us by our Creator
Thank you, Lord.

They are ready to announce the winners

3rd place

2nd place.. 
the chocolate cake with the candy corn and pumpkins, 
by the young girl from our church

First Place
My daughter Rachel's cake
Congrats daughter!

She won a 1st prize ribbon and a $30 gift card to Kmart

Time to go home.
Oh, and everything was free.

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