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God's Smuggler


Who was smuggling???

What where they smuggling???


Read on!!

This is a review of the Soli Deo Gloria e-book unit study on William Tyndale that we were sent as part of the TOS Homeschool Crew. Soli Deo Gloria is Latin for "To God Alone the Glory." They have many lovely looking products to help you point your children to God and to see God's hand at work in our world.

William Tyndale was involved in smuggling Bibles. In the days that Tyndale lived there were not many copies of the Bible available and the copies that were available were written in Latin. Not many people read Latin. The priests could read Latin and they told the people what the scripture said. But, who knew if they were telling the truth? Tyndale believed the people should have the Bible in their own language. Here is a quote from William Tyndale:
"I perceived how that it was impossible to establish the lay people in any truth except the Scripture were plainly laid before their eyes in their mother tongue"
This was against the law. But Tyndale did it anyway. Was Tyndale right in disobeying the law?? When is it alright to disobey the government of your land? Tyndale became an outlaw and eventually a martyr for Christ. Was his sacrifice worth it? These are some of the topics and questions you will discuss as you do this study.
This Unit Study covers: history, science, geography, character study, Bible, art, and language arts and can be easily done in one week. There is much to choose from. Do as much or as little as you think is needed and appropriate for the ages of your children. This study is suited to all ages... from K-12. Give younger children less or easier work and more detailed or harder assignments for older students. There are a lot of activities suggested and not all of the activities will need to be completed by each student. Activities include, but are not limited to: copywork, a timeline, a study of translating, websites to look at and even games on some of those websites.

Are you studying this time period... this would be a great addition to a Renaissance/Reformation study. Or maybe you just want to take a week off from your regular studies and do something different, it would be great for that too.

If you go to this link, William Tyndale Unit Study, you will find further description of the unit study, a pdf sample and a pdf list of the recommended resources.

These are the recommended resources but there are more specifics about each of these items in the pdf:
-"Torchlighters': The William Tyndale Story"
-"God’s Outlaw"
-"Man with a Mission: William Tyndale"
-"The Life of William Tyndale" (Answers in Genesis)

- Ten Boys Who Made a Difference, Irene Howat
- The Hawk That Dare Not Hunt by Day, Scott O’Dell
- The Bible Smuggler, Louise Vernon
- The Queen’s Smuggler, Dave and Neta Jackson
- William Tyndale: A Biography, David Daniell

You need at least one of these resources for the study besides the e-book of the unit study. I suggest that you need at least one of the books and the videos would be optional. Luckily we own the Torchlighters' Movie: The William Tyndale Story. We also own the books The Bible Smuggler and The Queen’s Smuggler (one of the Trailblazer books). Also, The Hawk That Dare Not Hunt by Day is available in our local library. For this study we watched the Torchlighters movie and the boys read The Bible Smuggler by Louise Vernon. We watched the movie on the first day and they broke up the book reading into the five days that it takes to complete the study, then added in some of the other studies.

One of the resources she suggests using is the Torchlighters' study guide with coloring pages and a lot more. The only problem I found with that is that the link has changed. She recommends this pdf whether you use the Torchlighters' movie or not. The pdf is free when you sign up for a free registration to the site. Here is the link to the Torchlighters' site so you can also check them out and see what they offer.

As I said the unit study comes as an ebook.
Cost is $8.00

The price of the e-book seems very worth it to me. But, take into consideration also the price of the purchase of the extra resources if you don't already own them and can't borrow them.

Soli Deo Gloria has a variety of products for sale including print and e-book resources for Bible, Geography, US History, World History, and Science. Check out their site to see more items they offer.

Out of five stars we give the William Tyndale Unit Study

Some crew members got the same unit study I did. Other crew members received different products from Soli Deo Gloria. To see what my other crew members have to say about the Soli Deo Gloria product they received check out the TOS Homeschool Crew Blog.

***Soli Deo Gloria provided me with the e-book of the William Tyndale Unit Study so that I could do my review. Though I received these products for free I have given an honest review of them here in this post.

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