Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Homeschool Memoirs #22: ABC’s, Describing (Our Homeschool)

Can you believe there is only 26 letters in our entire alphabet? Only 26 letters that you can create thousands and thousands of words out of, and all those little words make up all sentences, paragraphs, articles, and books we read?


This week use the ABC’s to describe your character, your life, your homeschool, and your family. Next to each letter of the alphabet put a word that describes you or has something to do with you. It was very amusing and a bit tricky. Once you actually get to a letter your mind goes blank!

Our Homeschool

Artist Study
Biblical, Boys
Creationists, Composer Study, Charlotte Mason Style, Copywork, Christian Worldview
Dedication (not just for this year but all the way through - 'til they all graduate), Drill
Games (Computer, Homemade and Board Games)
Historical Fiction Lovers, Homeschooling and Homemaking (keeping the balance)
Interesting Books - not Twaddle (of all kinds, on many subjects, ones we own and ones we borrow)
Journey (the long "trip" of homeschooling over the years)
Lapbooking (or Lap 'n Note)
Music (singing as a family)
Organization (I love to be organized, I even teach a class on it)
Perspective, Prepared (the way I try to be for each day of school)
Queen (that's me LOL, I even have a cup that says so)
Routine (so we keep on track), Responsibility (we try to teach this and have it as parents), Read
Silly, Sequential History (Creation to Today), Service (for each other and in the community)
Touch (hugs and kisses), Training
Unit Studies (for History and Science)
Vacant (that stare you get when you ask if they understand), Variety (so we don't get bored)
Whoopee (what we yell on the last day of school), Winterthur (our favorite place to walk and do nature study)
Xerox (for the many copies I make)
Yahweh (Jehovah our God and head of our home and school), yell (what I try not to do)
Zoo (most days it is one around here! HA!)

that's all the letters,

Just had to include pictures of my cup as proof that I am Queen
bye for now,

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Michele said...

Wow, you make me want to be a student at your home school! You are a great teacher!Good job.


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