Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Weekly Unplugged Challenge at

This weeks challenge was balance. The boys were playing board games for school yesterday and I was reading what the other families did for their unplugged challenge and one of them had a balancing game for kids and I suddenly thought of our Blockhead game that we have not played in ages and decided that was perfect.

So here is a slideshow of us (Christopher, Nathan and I) playing Blockhead and some of the "towers" we built.

Unplug your kids from the electronics and make a memory today,


Chasity said...

What a great idea. We need to unplug more. It is so easy to unplug during the warmer weather with all the things to do outside. I find we plug in more in the winter, but we are trying to cut back.
Be blesed

naomi said...

Good idea to do a slideshow, you had some pretty intricate looking towers there. I wonder if we could play this with our regular wooden blocks?

Michele said...

Hey, is that bear holding up the tower in the last picture? He-he

Debbie said...

I am sure you could do that. The more different kinds of blocks you have the more intricate your towers could be. Depending on the size of your blocks and the strength or newness of your table you may want to try playing it on a hard floor like in the kitchen so you don't put dents or scratches in your table. Our blocks are small and made for this game and our table is old and scratched already but even as small as our block are they make a mighty crash. LOL Let me know if it works, take some pictures, and leave a comment again so I can come see!!

Anonymous said...

I remember that game! Very fun. Your slide show is great, made me feel like I was there enjoying the suspense!


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