Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lego Organization, Clean-up, Storage and Display

One of the ladies from my homeschool group asked a question on our Yahoo group about how we keep our boy's Lego contained

First - Organizing, Clean-up and Storage of general Legos. These are the Legos my boys share. Not specific sets that they keep separate. Here is how we keep them contained and do really quick clean up. Photos are of my son Christopher, he was playing and agreed to do the demonstrating for us.

So you start by having all the Legos you child plays with or wants to keep in together on a sheet. This sheet is a single bed sheet and fits a lot of Legos. When they play they should try to keep the Legos on the sheet. They will get better with that as they use the sheet and see its purpose and how easy it is to do the clean up.

When they are done playing they begin by gathering up two of the corners of the sheet.

Then gather the other two corners.
You would think that was enough but no!

Christopher says if you do not have at least 8 parts of the sheet in your hand you will loose parts out the side while trying to pick it up... so

He pulled the middle of one of the sides out, shook it so that the Legos would go down into the bottom. Then he grabbed the center of the side and added it to the corners he was already holding.

He kept pulling up sides until he had a the four corners and the center of each side

Then he looked like he was holding Santa's sack of toys!!! LOL

He placed the "sack" in the large tub

Now it is ready for the lid

When your child is ready to play again it is easy to grab the corners and the sides into a big bunch and pull the "sack" out of the tub. Make sure you have it all or you may dump the Legos. Pick a wide area, clear of other toys, books, etc.

Spread the sheet out so the Legos have room to spread out when your child is searching for that one piece of Lego he needs to finish his project without them going off the sheet.

Voila... you are ready to build.

I hope this helps you keep cleaned up and organized and that less Legos get sucked up by the vacuum,


Tina said...

Hi Debboe, Thanks so much for your encouraging words. As you are starting on your weightloss journey I am praying for you each day!
We use to do the same with the legos! My kids are much older now but they still like to play with legos as does dad. We now have the legos in bins with drawers. The kids still have a lego table ( just an 4 by 8 folding table).
Blessings to you this week.

Sheri said...

Well now why hadn't I thought of that one? That will work with Matchboxes too-and Playmobile. Hmmm. thanks for sharing that most helpful help Ms. Debbie!

Sherry said...

GREAT tip! Thanks for sharing! :)

Nikki said...

This is a fabulous idea! Thanks for sharing!

Shannon said...

Fantastic idea!

Ticia said...

what a great idea!

ann said...

Thanks for the great ideas! My boys have so many Lego, it's tough getting them organized well. We have Lego displayed, does anyone have ideas on keeping Lego clean/dust-free? I came across a video on a lego cleaning tool, Brick duster. It's seems to clean well and easy to use so I'll probably get it to try out. Please post if you know anything about it. This is the link to the video I found-

Happy new year to everyone!

musicalmary said...

Thanks for visiting my blog tonight and giving me all those helpful links!!! :-) I love this bedsheet wonderfully simple!


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