Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Homeschool Weekly - Week Ending 01-16-09

This is late but I still want to do it, for my records especially.

Last weeks school went pretty well. We changed a few things around for a few days because ds Nathan tried to print his Grammar Lapbook page (we have the type it in version so they type in the answers and know how to print it themselves), anyway, it would not print. He came and told me that he read an error message on the printer that said that it was out of ink. Since he is really go with computers I trusted what he said. Well, my dh wanted to know how many pages I had printed from the black cartridge and when I went to check it the computer said it could not connect with the printer. I checked the cord and it was connected to... nothing! LOL My husband had been using the printer for his laptop and had disconnected the cord and not plugged it back into my computer. So I had ink after all and my ds, the computer nerd will never live this down. However, after printing this weeks Science we are NOW out of ink. LOL

So anyway... for the two or three days we thought we were out of ink the boys did their other grammar, Nathan Easy Grammar and Christopher Daily Grams. We did our exercises the boys all 5 days I did 3 days. Art Appreciation we did more Boticelli two more prints, "The Trinity with the Saints" and "Fortitude". We also started the Art Appreciation Lapbook which is from HOAC. We did the pages for the Elements of Art and the Colors of the Light Spectrum. We are actually doing this as a lap-n-note instead of in a traditional lapbook way. We did it this way because I wanted to add some notebooking elements and because I want it to be an ongoing project that we can add to as we study more artists There will be a similar section for the composers we study though I don't have a prepared lapbook to go with the Composers I am finding free stuff on the internet. I will blog about pages as we find and use them.

We, also, finished The Story of Rolf and the Viking Bow and the boys just loved it. We also finished The Vikings a Landmark book by Elizabeth Janeway, so we are done Vikings and one to the Middle Ages and the Crusades and all that entails. For Science we finished up the Senses and then started the Digestive System.

Well that was our week,
we have already started this week and I hope yours is a good one,

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Anonymous said...

Great week! I can relate a bit to printers :) hehe! I just had to buy new ink and we still cannot get our printer to be used wireless with our laptop. I guess I need to read the manuals better.



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