Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Weightloss Wednesday Jan 14, 2009

This is my first time joining Weightloss Wednesday. As you can see from my weight loss counter at the top of my blog I have not lost any weight yet. There is a good reason for that. I just started on Monday morning. And this was not a great week to start because my monthly visitor arrived on Monday afternoon and I have been feeling terrible since then. Last week I exercised 5 days. Each day I did 30 minutes on our Bowflex and 15 min. on our Elliptical Walker. One of the goals for this year for our family is to eat healthier, exercise and hopefully loose weight. We all need to except dd Jessica, skinny minny. She is exercising too but not to loose weight to put on some muscle she hopes and tone up. I did not weigh myself the first week. I will admit it... I was to scared to do it. But Monday I got up the courage and was correct in the assumption that I am now the heaviest person in my immediate family.
Well I exercised early Monday Morning, but I did not exercise yesterday. I may exercise a little today but I am not feeling much better than yesterday. Oh, well, I should be fine to exercise tomorrow and the rest of the week. Maybe I will have lost something on Monday when I weigh myself again. Maybe I will switch to weighing in on Wednesday to go with WLW. Hey, I like that idea. I think I will and that will give me two more days in this "week" to lose weight.

I am not fully on a diet yet as I have a few leftovers from Christmas (see my post on candy by scrolling down, one of the reasons I am as heavy as I am) but I am trying to cut back on fats and calories during the day by eating better. Like homemade soup from a Weight Watchers recipe instead of cheep boxes of Mac and Cheese, and a salad for lunch instead of pb&j. I also made dinner lighter this week, my day to cook is Monday. I made a recipe that was a light version of barbecued chicken baked in the oven. Most of the family liked it. Dh, Jessica and I loved it.
In the coming weeks and months I hope to fully get on Weight Watchers, from home, from old programs I have, I have one that is one the computer to keep track and you ladies will be my group meeting to keep me accountable and we can encourage each other to keep on keeping on.

So that is my saga so far. Not very impressive but I will persevere and I will loose weight however slowly it needs to be.


Tina said...

I love your blog design! Its great to be at the beginning of your new life style ( diet)!!!!!
I come from a long line of overweight family. After having my kids I have always battled with my weight. My goal is to keep it off this time and have a better healthier lifestyle. Look forward to getting to know you and encouraging you!

Anonymous said...

You go girl, I hope you have every success in this endeavor. I know how hard it is and will be praying for you. Love you much, Chris

Chasity said...

I am so proud of you Debbie!!!!!! Thank you for joining in, it really helps knowing someone else is out there. It is a hard job, but we can do it. Once I exercised consistantly for a month or so, excercising during Aunt Flo helped. I would be cramping BAD and get on my bike and it would help the cramps go away. However if I feel absolutly horrible, I skip that day. I am IMPRESSED with the amount you are exercising each day, I could not do hardly anything at first, YOU GO GIRL!!!! You will get there before you know it with that much cardio.
Be blessed,


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