Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Can you count me as doing a Wordless Wednesday when I do Weightloss Wednesday and other posts on the same day and so I am not so wordless today??? LOL Free Smileys

Well here it is anyway!!

Christopher Shoveling

Nathan not shoveling

Christopher Shoveling

Nathan not shoveling

Just kidding Nathan... you did some work. LOL

Effects of the Ice Storm

Nathan's find

so you can see it better we hung it over the railing in the house

Another of Nathan's finds but he let Christopher hold it for the picture
The boys said it looked like the ice home from the Superman movie except in miniature

Thank you God for your creation, even freezing rain,


Anonymous said...

Hi Mom,
Nice blog. I like this post most of all though. It's really funny


Rachel and Jessica said...

Ha Ha! Mom, that is so funny! Superman's home? That is soooo my brothers. =;) I love the pictures of the iced over branches!

Love Ya!=:)

Nathan said...

Lol... I did do some work... mostly I threw snowballs though...

From your friendly neighborhood Spacedude.

Just kidding Mom... it's Nathan.


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