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A Year in Blogging! 2010 in Review

I got this idea from Tracy at Work of Heart and SoulShe is the one that does the 365 project I participated in last year.

This is what she said to do to participate: Post the title or first sentence of your first blog post from each month. You can also add a favorite picture from each month, even though it doesn’t necessarily go with post.

OK...First of all know that picking one picture from a whole month full of photos is sometimes really, really hard!!! Second know that I did not succeed... I did limit myself though so you don't have to look at every picture I took this year... again... I also made most of them really small, to take up less room... click on the picture or the link to see larger views.

I tried it her way and it just wasn't working. I am going to post the picture(s) for each month and the link to the post that picture comes from so if you missed that event you can see the whole story without me having to add extra explanation... then I am posting title and a sentence or two from the first post of each month. I will not always be choosing the first sentence.

You can click on both or either links to read more about the picture and/or more about the first post of the month.

Well here is my year....

Picture Link --

First post of January
Can anyone believe 2009 is done and over? Seems like just a couple weeks ago I was writing my 2009 Goals on my blog. With every new year I try to make a list of goals and tasks I would like to accomplish for that year.

Picture Link --

First post of February --
Well the question for today's this week's post was,"How do you know what to teach?"...

First off I know what to teach because I have researched and studied and tried lots of different curriculum over the years. Some we have liked and some we have not liked....
click the link above for point 2 and 3 as well as a breakdown of specific subjects.

Picture Link

365-68-73 Winterthur                                    Glory of the Snow (flower name)
  Winter Sky between the Trees

(many pictures in both those posts if you want to see more... including close ups of the Glory of the Snow flowers)

First post of March
The Blog Cruise - ABCDF
Do I keep grades?
That is the question for this weeks Blog Cruise.
And the answer is Yes and No...

April Picture Link --

I love a lot of pictures from this post... I picked just 3... there are a lot more to investigate if you are interested. 

This is my favorite picture of all time... I just had this made into canvas art by having the photo printed onto canvas... I love how it turned out. Hubby liked it so much he said we will get some more done.

365-97-101 Flower Collages from Winterthur, April 2010

First post of April
I made this little house to hold sweetener packets for my hubby and for when we have guests over.

May Picture Link --

Ent                                                                              Unexpected Adventure

First post of May --
365-121-125 Ladies Spring Refresher
Pinebrook Ladies Spring Refresher
Friday, April 23 - Sunday April 25, 2010
A ladies retreat attended by my daughters and I and some other ladies from our local church along with Ladies from other Bible Fellowship churches in the area.

I also love a lot of the pictures from this post... so check them out if you want... just click the link

Picture Link and First post of June
Memorial Day 2010 (also counting as 365-150) [lots of photos]
both from the same I am sharing two pictures First event of the day
Memorial Day Parade in Wayne, PA
the town I grew up in.

Then we go to visit my Dad and other family member's graves... Here is Mom ....
looking at Dad's grave


July   Picture Link --
365-185-187 Summer Flowers at Winterthur

First post of July
365-182 Star Wars Memorabilia
I have collected Star Wars stuff since the first movie came out when I was in high school.
I got this at the Star Wars Exhibit in Washington, DC; many years ago...

Picture Link --
From our trip to Wilbur's and Shady Maple Smorgasbord 

First post of August --
Not Back to School Blog Hop - Curriculum Week
Curriculum Week 
It is curriculum week. We are a very eclectic homeschool family. Using many things we like from all over... collected over the 20 years of homeschooling. I hope this list points you to some knew resources you have not used yet.

Our Curriculum for 2010-2011...

Picture Link --
365-253-255 Winterthur Slideshow
I love this photo of my hubby overlooking the pond at Winterthur.

First post of September --
Blast From The Past - Jessica approximately age
This week's featured family member is Jessica.
Adorable is the word for this picture. 

Picture Link --
Serving and Singing at NGA
had to pick this photo... love singing with my family... and working with/serving the community at the NGA Ingathering is one of the highlights of the year for my kids and I... Hubby went with us for the first time this year.

First post of October --
365-266-271 Butterfly

Beautiful Still Shots of a Beautiful Butterfly
The Butterflies were all over these flowers but they would not come close.
My family finally walked on ahead of me. I just stood still.
I can't believe he flew over so close to me and let me take his picture. 

...if you want to see the butterfly you will have to click the link above...

Picture Link --
Painting the Living Room
I had to pick a painting picture because so much of what happened in Nov. for our family was related to our home repair and maintenance.

First post of November --
30 Day Blog Challenge - Favorite City
I am participating in the 30 Day Blog Challenge
hosted by Katie @ Katie’s Journey
Today's challenge is:
Day 22 - Favorite City
I am not a city gal.
My favorite city is old historic Williamsburg. I am a history girl. I am not sure I would have wanted to live then but I love visiting.


Picture Link -- Christmas Morning
There is a technical problem with this picture... I am behind in posting the Christmas photos and thus finishing out the 365 project from last year... so this is the first viewing of this photo on my blog. I hope to post my Christmas pictures tomorrow.

It is a picture we take every year... this year we had a twist... hubby and I got in the picture... he set up his tripod and set the timer so he could hustle up the steps and get in the photo... I love it... except for the fact that I am not really looking at the camera... and I am holding my hands in a strange way...

First post of December --
Holiday Bliss 2010 - Dec. 1
"We are spending today celebrating the fact that hubby and boys got the renovations completed: new storm door on front of house with new trim around it, new trim on back door {the storm door actually fell off because the trim was rotten}, toilet put in our first floor laundry room (for my mom especially stairs are hard for her, and us, to use) and painting done. Hope to find curtains for the laundry room today too.... back door has a window in it and there is a little window in that room too. Need curtains there now so people cannot see in. Will take pictures when the curtains get put up."

That is my year in review... I enjoyed doing it and looking at my pictures from this past year... I hope you do too.

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