Thursday, May 27, 2010


More of Winterthur

These flowers are growing up a vine by the entrance

these flowers are in the
Peony Garden

The Peony Garden is one of my favorite spots at Winterthur

The Fragrance is just wonderful

My Family
in the peony garden
(you must click on this and see it larger)

I took about 20 shots of this bird as he hopped along the ground in front of me...
I am so pleased with how this shot of him turned out

and this one is cute, too.


So Sweet

love these

 love this one

These were taken on the March Bank
still lots of interesting things here

even though March is far behind us now.

My daughter Rachel and I love how these leaves look like God just took a needle and thread and threaded the leaves onto the stem!



Jamie said...

I adore your peonies! I have a few, too, and this is the first year they have really bloomed. Gorgeous!

Tracy said...

Beauty! Love them all!

Ann said...

Too bad we don't have that here at 46 degree temperature, I wish that time fly fast for winter time. I just love to take pics of flowers, your shots are gorgeous


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