Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Valley Garden Park - Spring Walk by the Stream

These were taken at Valley Garden Park

 make sure your volume is not up to loud on your computer...
 there is a little bit of audio with some of these... 
especially the first one

pond scum

a reflection on the pond

Looks so cool - mossy rocks under the water


reflections, red tree, and ripples

beautiful blue sky
gorgeous light through the trees

a metal hook in the rock... probably for attaching a chain to block off the path

love these beautiful twisty branches

love the variations of the colors of the leaves
new lighter leaves from this year on top of the darker ones from last year

I have been taking lots of pictures of mill stones used as blocks to walk on and for steps

lovely picture.. lovely nature God created

tree stump and a large piece of quartz

lovely robin

I hope you enjoyed the pictures from the lovely walk we had

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