Thursday, May 27, 2010

Unexpected Adventure 365-148

On the way home from Winterthur yesterday we encountered this fellow
(we are calling him fellow though I guess he could be a she)

We did not want him to get hit by a car so my husband and son were going to try and move him off the road

 After we took some photos

When Nathan tried to pick him up he stretched out his legs longer and longer
then this happened...

don't jump when he snaps and hits at my son with his claws while he is picking him up

My husband was talking to a passerby.

We decided to leave the turtle and pray that he would not get hit by a car.
We left him in his Creator's hands.
We had quite an unexpected encounter with this turtle.
It is a day we will not soon forget.
And we have it on film.

** Note: in answer to Michelle's comment... Yes, we think it was a snapping turtle. It snapped at Nathan and snapped at a plastic bin we tried to put the turtle in.. and boy was he fast!! with his neck and beak that is, he walked really slow!


Michelle said...

WOW!! He looks really big.
Is it a snapping turtle?
I jumped at the beginning of the video where he is being set back down. LOL

Sheri said...

I am a little surprised tho that you didn't want to put him in the car-LOL, why not? He looks like he'd of been a pleasant passenger...super LOL. Yes, that sure is a snapper alrighty. You can tell by the tail and his beak/jaws there.
Thanks-this was cool!

Jamie said...

Exciting find, but yikes! :)


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