Friday, May 21, 2010

TOS Homeschool Review Crew - Cerebellum Corporation/Standard Deviants

Do you have a high school student studying for the AP English Language & Composition Exam? This DVD uses teen actors to review the 30 most tested topics in just 30 minutes, provides tips and strategies on passing the test, and gives insight to writing the short-response answers.  Writing - AP English Language & Composition Exam Prep develops the tools for critical thinking, writing, and analysis.

Over 15 pages of study material is added on the Digital Workbook which includes handouts, quizzes, and activities to reinforce the topic before and after the video.

This is the main website: Cerebellum Corporation
This is the page for the DVD that I was given Writing - AP English Language & Composition Exam Prep

Here is an excerpt from the video:

Price: $14.98
Sale Price: $11.24
You Save $3.74!
Price seams very reasonable.

My Opinion: I do not think this DVD is usable unless your student has already taken the AP English and Composition course. i reviewed it a couple of times but saw no purpose for showing it to my son. To me the information seams only good for reviewing for the test. If your student has taken or is going to take this test, then this product seems like it would be very useful. You may have to view the DVD a number of times or stop it and rewind because the topics go by quite fast., but it seems quite good. 

***Cerebellum Corporation provided me with the Writing - AP English Language & Composition Exam Prep DVD so that I could do my review. Though I received this product for free I have given an honest review of it here in this post.
If you would like to see what my other Crew members think of this DVD and other DVD's that Cerebellum Corporation has please check out this TOS Homeschool Crew post.


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