Thursday, May 27, 2010

TOS Homeschool Crew - Artistic Pursuits

ARTistic Pursuits is a comprehensive art program designed to involve the student in the creative process while developing observational skills. Junior High Book 1 covers drawing skills.  There are sample pages on the Junior High book page the table of contents is also listed, so you can check out the unit titles. The same goes for all the grades. 

There are four lessons for each unit in the Jr. High book and a unit takes 2 weeks to complete if you do it as scheduled. The lesson types are: 
  1. Building a Visual Vocabulary - where the topic for the unit is introduced, then the student gets to try out the technique
  2. Art Appreciation and Art History - studying the topic for the week in a work of art by one of the Masters extends the students knowledge of Art and Art History and they practice the technique again using the work of art as a model
  3. Techniques - students learn how to use the materials and tools of art and apply the knowledge to their own art. 
  4. Application - a final project using all the unit topics the student has gone over so far
The schedule has you doing 2 lessons a week. Each lesson takes about an hour...depending on how long the student takes to do the projects.

There is a list of necessary materials in the front of each book, for ease of purchasing, and pictures, too, which helps to make sure you get the wrong things. The lessons are very well laid out and easy for students to do on their own with little input needed from mom.  The books are project oriented using a particular artists style to represent each object lesson with a simple history for each artist. Each lesson ends with a simple project using each of the different perspectives and techniques, but is never too technical.  Each lesson is laid out in a simple and straight forward manner.  The lessons are well organized, attractive, and interesting. Even my son who does not like art was able to succeed with each lesson he did.  Most of the projects in Artistic Pursuits Junior High book one are drawing but there is one cool project for making a mobile out of wire. There is also an Evaluation Sheet at the end of the book to help you in grading your children's artwork, this is helpful if you are required to give grades or want to give grades.

Price for the Jr. High level 1 book: $42.95

The best way to check out any of the levels and decide if this Art program is for you is to go to the links above and look at the detailed samples they have on those pages.

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***Artistic Pursuits provided me with
The Elements of Art and Composition, Junior High book one so that I could do my review. Though I received this product for free I have given an honest review of it here in this post.


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