Sunday, May 30, 2010

Spirit Filled Sunday - America the Beautiful

One Nation Under God

One Nation Under God we live
Think about all some had to give
We the people share freedom’s life
In a world of ever present strife
Be grateful to those who keep this true
Warriors of our red, white, and blue
They're trained by those of great skill
Honed to perform, so strong their will
They show what love is all about
They’ll fight for us, there is no doubt
Defending bravely what we are
No holding back each heartfelt star
Highly praise these men and women
Giving thanks time and again
Those in uniform will always be
The golden pride of this country
©2007Roger J. Robicheau

I would also like to share this Gaither Clip from You Tube. We are singing this song this morning at our church for special music. We are doing 4 part harmony A Capella. My two daughters (Rachel{24} and Jessica{21}) are doing Soprano, I am doing Alto, my husband and younger son (Christopher{13}) are doing Tenor, my older son (Nathan{15}) is doing the bass. We are not nearly as good as the Gaither Vocal Band, but hopefully God will be honored and people will be reminded to Pray for our Nation... One Nation Under God! I ask you as you, listen to this wonderful rendition, to pray also.

God Bless You,
God Bless America this Memorial Day Weekend and Always,

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