Monday, May 10, 2010

365-126-128 Homeschooling Photos

(you should be able to click on any picture to see it larger, in case you want to read the titles of the books better)

First is our white board
Is this math?
No it's chemistry!
Nathan and I have been enjoying Friendly Chemistry, Christopher likes the games but not the math part so much!
We will finish the book this week.
We will also finish school for the year this week.
Three days of school then we are done!
Can't wait for Thursday!

These books my daughters and husband got for us from a state surplus store.
They sell all kinds of things the schools are getting rid of.
We regularly buy computer chairs and books from them, and sometimes other things.
Oh, and these were 25 cents each!!
Great buy! Great Reading!!!

The following pictures are of books my hubby and I picked out and purchased from our homeschool support group's used book sale last week.

Language Arts
I was excited about the Shakespeare books. We love these!
We will be starting off next year's school with Elizabeth the First of England and soon after that we cover Shakespeare, I can't wait! I love studying Shakespeare! 

I hope to do a Shakespeare in the backyard next fall. That is were we choose a Shakespeare play and read it aloud with friends. Each student, and some parents, take a part (or two or three depending on how many you have come) and you read through the play! Acting it out in little ways but not with any scenery, maybe with a prop or two! Gotta have a plastic sword if someone gets killed or there is a duel... it keeps the boys interested!

History books
I was excited to find the Mystery of History Companion book. I have the CD but it is hard to keep track of where you are and what pages you want to print. Having a hard copy will be a great help.

We have some of the Cornerstones of Freedom books and I was happy to get a few more that I did not have.

The Middle Ages books I got because they had great illustrations (and content).
The American Adventure book looked like something the boys would enjoy reading, and we will be starting American History time period next year.

Science Books
We love nature study, I love Ranger Rick books and was glad to get one of these, and we love the Exploring... books

Reading and History chapter books
We love Redwall
I collect Landmark hardbacks
and I collect Bobbsey Twins books, too.

Physical Education and Fun!

I love this book. I have used it twice and I am using it a third time now.
I got it so we would have another copy for my children to use for my grandkids some day!

My best find!!!
Gaither Homecoming Souvenir Songbooks
Volumes I-V
New arrangements from our favorite music for us to sing at church and nursing homes!!!
with bonus pictures from the videos!

Two favorite Christmas CD's (to have as extra's)
and two CD's for Music Appreciation
Well I hope you enjoyed looking at my finds. Each of these was purchased way below market price since they were used!!

I love used book sales, do you???


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Tracy said...

Genesis Finding our Roots is MY FAVORITE book from this school year! I WILL NOT Sell it! :) Great finds and shots!


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