Saturday, May 8, 2010

365-121-125 Ladies Spring Refresher

Pinebrook Ladies Spring Refresher
Friday, April 23 - Sunday April 25, 2010

A ladies retreat attended by my daughters and I and some other ladies from our local church along with Ladies from other Bible Fellowship churches in the area.

Our rooms were in Nearbrook

The girls bunks

The bed I slept in

Praise and Worship

Unfortunately I did not get a picture of the speaker
Cindy Foor
here is a picture of her that I got from her website

The topic of the sessions was "Taste and See that the Lord is Good." We laughed and ate M&M's. She talked about being hungry for the Word of God, our tongues, the Lord our Good Shepherd, and God's goodness to us. To get more details of the sessions and the weekend please visit my daughters blog posts, she did a great job summing up the weekend.
2010 Ladies Spring RefresHer - Part 1
2010 Ladies Spring RefresHer - Part 2

Dining Hall

Saturday afternoon during free time some of us sat on the lawn and read.
These are two of the ladies from our group... enjoying the relaxation.

The pond... my view from the blanket while I read.

My sweet girls in the gazebo

time to be a girl again

bridge and flowers in the children's garden

We took a hike through the woods

The group of ladies from my church

Remember, if you want more details from the weekend, see my daughter Rachel's blog post links further up the page.


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Tracy said...

How fun! I bet you had a great time!


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