Friday, March 4, 2011

Fit Mommy Friday

Fit Mommy Friday is a way for us mom's to set goals for fitness and exercise and to share them on our blog and then also share our successes or failures from the week. I had a pretty good week. I worked out on the Wii 5 days, Mon. thru today. I worked out 42 minutes on Monday, 49 min. Tues., 50 min. Wed.,  46 min. Thurs. and 30 min. so far today. So I reached that additional goal of lengthening my workouts. I worked out early this morning before Ladies Bible Study and went out to lunch with my hubby so I may just go down and work out again... to add to that 30 min... and work off some of the buttered roll I ate. I don't want to gain tomorrow and then have to loose it again, but if I do I will press on. I did start with a salad so that was good. Tomorrow we are supposed to go and renew our membership at Winterthur and that will add a lot of walking to my fitness routine. I hope to be able to keep up with my kids better this year since I have been working out.

I kept my food diary most days, but not every day. I have gotten lazy about this again. Counting my points for breakfast and lunch is not so hard but there are 3 other people cooking dinner meals in my home and counting dinner is a struggle. I have to guess or add the complete recipe into my WW Light and Tasty program to calculate the points. I know it help me to do better and loose more weight when I hold myself accountable for every bite... so that will be going on next weeks goals as well.

I did pretty well with drinking my water also. I have been tracking it with the rubberbands on my cup and also putting 8 circles on my food diary pages each day to be an additional tracking for the water. I drank 46 oz. every day and some days even got to 64 oz.

Oh, I forgot to say that I lost another 1.8 lbs. and as you see from my weight loss ticker at the top that makes 18.2 lbs lost so far. Any weight loss is good. Down is better than staying the same, and way better than gaining.

Goals for next week:
  1. Work out at least 4 days and I want at least 3 of them to be 45 minute workouts. Add in a good long walk at Winterthur in addition to the workouts.
  2. Keep my food diary and track food and Weight Watchers points. 
  3. Drink at least 46 oz. of water a day. 
    I am thankful to Denise for hosting Fit Mommy Friday. Join us in getting fit. See the rules for linking up your posts by clicking on the button at the top. After clicking on the button at the top click on Denise's header to see the today's Fit Mommy Friday post.

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    Briana said...

    You had a great week!

    Laura O in AK said...


    Thanks for the encouraging comment you left me this morning. You are doing fantastic to be 18 pounds lighter. I know that having lost about that much over the past year, I am having less problems with my back.

    Keep going and you'll be enjoying walks through the gardens with the kids during the summer.

    Annie Kate said...

    Great job! You just keep right on going!! Congratulations on the 18 pounds!

    Annie Kate


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