Friday, March 11, 2011

Fit Mommy Friday ~ Weight Gain but Exercise Success

Fit Mommy Friday is a way for us mom's to set goals for fitness and exercise and to share them on our blog and then also share our successes or failures from the week. I had a pretty good week. Saturday the 5th I walked at Winterthur. I was able to keep up much better than last year...exercising is paying off and my hubby really noticed and complimented me. I also worked out on the Wii 5 days, Mon. thru today.  

I wanted to post my Wii routine. One of the other Fit Mommy Friday mom's were discussing this and she said would put her routine on her blog. I wrote down what I did on Wednesday this past week.You need to know first that I do not do these exercises in this order every day. But these are some of my favorite exercises on the Wii. I always start my exercises with Snowball Fight (advanced level), this warms me up and gets out my aggressions, throwing snowballs at my family, LOL. Next I do the Warrior pose in the yoga section and then the Torso Twists for Strength Training. These are the only exercises I can do so far in these sections but I am getting stronger and will add to the Yoga and Strength areas. Then I usually do Island Cycling, I like the Island View Course the best. Next I need something less strenuous so I do Perfect 10 an exercise where you use your hips to hit bumpers and add numbers together to the sum for that level, on the expert level you add things up to 20. Then I did Obstacle Course. I am doing the advanced level. Then I did Tilt City (advanced level), it is a balance game. Next was Advanced Step and then Rhythm Boxing in the aerobics section. These really get my heart pumping. Then I need something less strenuous again. I did Penguin Slide and then Ski Slalom (advanced), both balance exercises. Next I did Birds-eye Bulls-eye, this really works my arms, and then Segway Circuit (expert level), this kills my calves. I like the variety of the Wii exercises. There are other exercises I do some days... I like to switch it up... so some days I do: Hula Hoop or Super Hula Hoop, Basic Run (Island Lap), Tightrope Walk, or Rhythm Parade.

Here are some links to YouTube videos if you are interested in seeing some of my favorite games. The guy does a great job showing a split screen of the game and of himself on the Wii Fit Board.
Wii Fit Plus - Training Plus games pt. 1
Wii Fit Plus - Training Plus games pt. 2
tedWii Fit Plus - Training Plus games pt. 3
Wii Fit Plus - Rhythm Boxing
Obstacle Course
There are more videos on YouTube that you can get to from the links above if you are interested, or you could do a search. This covers a lot of my favorites though, so I will stop there.

I have gotten lazy about my diary again. Counting my points for breakfast and lunch is not so hard but there are 3 other people cooking dinner meals in my home and counting dinner is a struggle. I have to guess or add the complete recipe into my WW Light and Tasty program to calculate the points. I know it help me to do better and loose more weight when I hold myself accountable for every bite. I am making this my biggest goal for next week.

I have been struggling to find things I like to eat for lunch. It is my hardest meal of the day. Breakfast is a cinch since I love cereal and could eat it every day. I have a variety of cereals that I like. I sometimes have something else for breakfast, Rachel like to make muffins and other things, but normally it is a bowl of cereal. This morning we had baked oatmeal with peaches and blueberries in it... it was delicious and filling. I could not finish my portion. I save the Weight Watchers (WW) bagels for lunch to give me another option for that hard to fill time. I sometimes have WW bread or a WW English muffin with something on it for lunch. I try to also have some veggies and a fruit. Once in a while I have a salad, but I am not a big salad eater, if I am having a salad I want something special in it. I like chicken and one day a couple weeks ago I had sauteed onions and red peppers with chicken. It was delicious. I only used a little oil.

I did well with drinking my water. Making my 46 oz goal each day.

I gained weight this week. + 1.4 That is sad. But not keeping a close eye on my food diary I don't have an accurate accounting of what I ate so that probably added to the gain. Also, I have not weighed myself at the same time of day each time. Today I did some errands with my husband and did not exercise until after dinner. Your weight can vary up to 2 lbs at different times in a day. I am going to get on the Wii at the same time each day and weigh in. Then I can exercise whenever I can fit it in.

My goals for next week are the same a last week except I put my food diary in first place:
  1. Keep my food diary and track food and Weight Watchers points.
  2. Work out at least 4 days and I want at least 3 of them to be 45 minute workouts.
  3. Drink at least 46 oz. of water a day. 
I am thankful to Denise for hosting Fit Mommy Friday. Join us in getting fit. See the rules for linking up your posts by clicking on the button at the top. After clicking on the button at the top click on Denise's header to see the today's Fit Mommy Friday post.

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Briana said...

Hopefully, you didn't really have a weight gain since you weighed at a different time!

I gained over a pound this week and I am weighing at the same time each week on the wii fit board. Bummer!

You had a great week and you are working hard with the wii. I hope the journaling gets easier for you.

Expats Again said...

I think you have just inspired me to get on this bandwagon. It's been long overdue. Thank you.

Michele said...

Great job excercising this week! And don't forget, muscle weighs more that fat ;-) I've only been averaging 2 days a week in the gym lately. Thinking about getting a Wii fit even more than i was before. You are an inspiration to me to get off my bum and work out more!

Stacy said...

I haven't tried Segway Circuit yet. Your post has me wanting to try it though! I'm supposed to have Thursday and Friday off work, so maybe I'll work on it then.

Stacy said...

I'm so glad you posted about Birds-eye Bulls-eye and Segway Circuit. It challenged me to start doing them more often. I did the Birds-eye on advanced last night. That IS quite a work out. I haven't reached the advanced level on Segway, but I did try it a couple of times last night. I am supposed to be off the next 2 days, and hope to work on those two routines over the next couple of days.

I went to the resale shop last night and got a "new" pair of jeans and a top. The top is a bit tighter fitting than what I normally wear. I was shocked to see my curves returning. That was such a good feeling!

I hope you have a terrific day. :-)


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