Sunday, March 6, 2011

First Trip to Winterthur 2011 ~ Signs of Spring are ALL around

Winterthur is open again.
We renewed our membership!
We went for a walk...
a 1 1/2 hour walk.
Look out...
Pictures abound!

Chinese Witch Hazel

promises of lovely blooms
coming soon to a garden near me

But some things are already blooming...

Winter Aconites


 Double Snowdrops

 Spring Snowflakes


Winter Aconites

 Dear Son Nathan
surrounded by aconites

waiting to bud
Can't WAIT!
Love Rhododendron

I love the way this picture came out,
also waiting to bud.
I love the silver color.


blue spruce
seed pods

 Azalea buds
can't wait until these bloom

down in the Quarry Garden

 lovely view
the pond

 Rachel and Christopher in the background


 more snowdrops

Squills or Glory of the Snow
I looked them up online and only got more confused
if you know which they are leave me a comment

 They redid the bridge in Enchanted Woods
It is lovely now. I love the iron railings.

 My son, who is a lot like his mom, noticed that one of the rocks had fossils in it.
Love it!

 It is the 10th anniversary of the Enchanted Woods this year.
They are redoing a few things in preparation for a celebration.
 A new walkway for the bird nest.

Some new supports and other wood pieces going into the Faerie Cottage.

 I love how this photo came out too.
It is the roof of the Faerie Cottage.
Such an interesting angle and dramatic photo.

 My favorite spot to sit in all of Winterthur.
There are 4 bench swings to sit on around the may pole.

The sky was gorgeous
in spite of the clouds.

More Snowflake

Fields of snowdrops, snowflakes and aconite.

In this iron sculpture

 I have no idea if these, there were 2 of them, have any practical purpose but...

 inside the one on the left there was a bird nest.

 I love how this stunning, dramatic cloud and tree picture came out

  more crocuses

delicate little flowers around the dramatic tree roots

So that was our first walk at Winterthur for 2011
There will be a lot more of them...
and a lot more pictures, too.

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Michele said...

Debbie,Great pictures! Winterthur is somewhere we would like to visit. Years ago before kids, I worked for a doctor whose wife worked there. It looks like a very neat place. We've been to Longwood Gardens and want to go back there sometime in the future!

Debbie said...

Thanks Michele,
We love Winterthur.

When I grew up we visited Longwood Gardens numerous times. I loved the flowers, shaped bushes and the fountains. I have not been there for years and years. My hubby and kids have not been there. Hubby is thinking of visiting there sometime this year.

If you get a chance to visit this year let me know. Maybe we can meet you there. It would be neat to meet some of my Internet friends/blog readers.

Michele said...

Oh that would be fun to meet! I will let you know if/when we go!

Briana said...

I love all of the beautiful spring flowers!

I know the sledgehammer workout(fit mommy friday) sounds strange but I actually enjoy it. It works every muscle. Also, my dh was a Marine so he's not gonna do some girly routine with me. Bummer, but at least I'll get strong faster.

I hope you are having a fit week!


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