Friday, March 11, 2011

Blast From The Past ~ Memorial Day Parade 05-30-2000

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On Wednesday I posted my answers to the Wednesday Hodgepodge. One of the questions asked it I had ever been in a parade. I said I would post the parade pictures for my Blast From The Past this week.

Rachel, Jessica, Nathan and I were in this parade. Dressed in our Civil War outfits we walked in the Memorial Day Parade in the nearby city of Wilmington with the Bonnets and Bayonets group that Rachel belonged to at the time. Bonnets and Bayonets put on a play and other civil war activities for local public and private schools as well as holding a Civil War Ball each year. It was loads of fun.

My son Nathan is the little boy in the light blue shirt in the row with the American Flag.
Soooo Adorable.

Here is the picture proving I walked in a parade.
I am in the back row in the white and green dress with the white shawl.
Hi! I'm waving to you all.
Rachel is in the middle row closest to us in the purple dress and white shawl looking at the camera.
Jessica is in the middle row also, furthest from us, you can not see her as well.

This is hysterical. If you look at the group pictures below that we tried to take
there is not one where everyone is looking at the camera.
Ummm... we are not even all here yet. Nobody is ready.

Mrs. Bradford on the left is not looking.

My son Nathan in the middle of the middle row is not looking and
the boy in front of the confederate flag is not looking.

One of the Bradford boys in the front is not looking
and the picture is a little blurry, too.

We did not get a "perfect" picture but that makes it all the more memorable.

Join me by posting some pictures from your past as far back as you want to go... yesterday, your children's  growing up years, your childhood... or even further back. 

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So get to it. 
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Michele said...

I decided to switch Blast from the Past from Sunday to Friday just to make it easier for me to remember to link up!
Love the pictures! I think that pictures where everyone is not perfect is the best! It shows character! :-)

The Unsell Family said...

Love the pictures, Debbie!

Debbie said...

Hey ladies,
Can you see the links for today's BFTP. I only see that it says, "2 entries so far!" This is frustrating. I hope it gets fixed soon. I may have to put a different linky on here and have you guys sign up again. :-(

Michele said...

Glad you fixed the problem. Or changed the problem with the links, lol!
I had the same problem the first time I used Mr. Linky for Lego Thurs. There is more than one linky and I used the one that didn't show the actual links on my blog.
Thank you Debbie for hosting Blast from the Past. I have been wanting to put older pics up on my blog for a long time and this really motivates me to do so! I love looks at others pictures. I am praying you get more participants!


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