Sunday, January 9, 2011

365 project from 2010... 365-345-365 Christmas 2010

I did not take this first photo.
My hubby took it with his digital 35mm camera.
It is a family tradition to get a picture of the kids, and my mom when she is visiting, sitting on the stairs waiting to go down and open the Christmas presents.
This year he put it on his tripod and then set the timer so we could all get in the picture.

excited about spam??Confused Smileys

I like the way this turned out... cute

a bookmark for my mom... she is known as the busy bee

 I did not take the next three pictures... I was to busy eating to think of taking pictures of breakfast.
I wanted to post them though because it shows the delicious blueberry sauce my hubby made to go on our pancakes and it shows my sister and brother-in-law who came for Christmas breakfast. They do not come every year... I think this is the 3rd time they have come to our house for Christmas breakfast since we moved into this house... it was so fun to have them visit us. She brought us the fruit bouquet that is in the picture above. The chocolate covered strawberries and pineapple were especially delicious.

we bought a complete set of R.M. Ballantyne Christian Adventure 
the kids were very surprised
lots of new reading material in the house now

I made my mom a calendar with pictures of our family in it... she loves these.
I made her one before. She refuses to write on them.

a digital photo frame for mom... her other one stopped working

Rachel said she was putting these in her hope chest.

I wrapped Jessica's perfume in a potato chip container to throw her off.
She was on to my tricks though! I didn't fool her.

This perfume is from Williamsburg. She got some when we visited many years ago and it is almost gone. She wanted a new bottle and was very excited to have gotten this.

Jessica also wanted one of these for a while...
but we got her two of them...
she was surprised to get two...
she only expected one.

So that was Christmas 2010
If you want to see a picture or two of me you will have to head over to my daughters' blog.
I did not take any pictures of myself, LOL
Here is the link: 
Christmas & New Year photo's

That also ends my 365 project year. I posted all 365 photos and I am proud of myself... even if it did take me until Jan. 9th to find the time to post the Christmas pictures.

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Jessica said...

Great pics mom! Except, thought I'd let you know. It wasn't me that got the perfume last time we were at Williamsburg; it was Rachel. :) No need to keep this comment. Just thought I'd let you know so you could fix it in your post.



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