Saturday, January 8, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up - January 7th

Well this was not a full week of school but I wanted to tell you about our week anyway. My mom was here until Wed. night.. the boys did not want to do school while she was here... I agreed because I did not want more drama. We have to do 180 days of school. When we get the 180 done then we can start summer break. They know this. Well the three extra days off we well spent. Time spent with an 88 year old mother/grandmother is never wasted time. Tuesday was especially nice as us girls (my mom, my daughters and I) went out for lunch at Applebees and then went shopping at Walmart. We then stopped at a couple other places and finished up with getting some dessert to take home and then we finished up the night by watching I, Robot as a family.

Thursday and Friday we did part of school. I told the boys we would do the important subjects and then jump into all 12 boxes on Monday. So we did:
  • Bible - We are doing Dallas High School N.T. book. We are in the last week of Christ's earthly life, just before his death and resurrection. We read in all the gospels about the farewell discourse to His disciples and then the agony in Gethsemane and the betrayal, arrest, and desertion by the disciples.
  • History - We are in the 1620's with the landing of the pilgrims. We read Making 13 Colonies ch. 13-14 and then I started reading Homes in the Wilderness. We got to page 46. We will finish it up on Monday. It is nice to hear what is happening from the journals of someone who was there. The boys are also doing independent reading for this time period... I need to check on Monday and see where they are with that. I had extra books that I was not going to have time to read and I told them to read one or more of them and they both decided to read them all. We will see if they follow through or not... but they have to at least read one. I will let you know next week which books they are reading. I don't remember right now and I am upstairs... and it is getting late... I want to get this done.
  • Historical Fiction - We are reading Lion of the North by G. A. Henty. We read ch. 18 and 19.
  • Science - We are studying light right now... part of our Physical Science unit for the year. We are doing the TOPS book on Light. The boys did lessons 9-12. I set up the experiments in a white washtub with all the items they will need each day so they have no excuse not to get the experiments done.
  • The boys also did their math, grammar and writing.
Next week we will add in the other subjects. Their TOS boxes will have review items in them to be done, we will start a new poem, a new hymn, we will continue on with our study of Carravagio (our artist) and Vivaldi (our musician), the boys will get back to doing the Wii Fit or start doing Biggest Loser or Biggest Loser Challenge on the Wii.

So that was our week... now off to bed and then tomorrow I need to plan next weeks school, after church.

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Sarah said...

Glad you had a nice visit with your mom. Sounds like the 2 days of school you had was productive. Good luck getting back to a full schedule next week.


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