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Reading Challenges 2011 - Book 1 - Cat and Dog Theology

I loved Cat and Dog Theology. We did the DVD series this past summer at church. They also offered us the book to read. I got a lot more out of the topic because I had access to both the DVD and the book. It was nice to review what we had learned over the summer and it really cemented the concepts in my mind.

The basic premise of the book is this:
"A dog says, "You pet me, you feed me, you shelter me, you love me, you must be God." A cat says, "You pet me, you feed me, you shelter me, you love me, I must be God.""
We can be the same way in our relationship to God. Is everything about me or about God. This book really helped me see where I have cat like tendencies and how to change them.

The Chapter on Winners Circle Theology especially hit me. We have had a lot of trial in our lives. One of the things that hit me from this chapter was the fact that we always relate to the "hero" in the stories of the Bible. We never see ourselves as the generations of Israelites that were stuck in bondage in Egypt... we always want to identify with the generation that got freed... we never see ourselves as one of the children of Job, whose lives were cut short, we always identify with Job himself.

Here is a quote from the chapter:
The Lord is speaking here  " has never been based on what you deserve either. Giving you this continues to radiate and reflect My glory, and that is what it has been about from the beginning. Some I bless with things, some I allow to be persecuted, and some I bring home early--it's all a beautiful stained-glass window revealing My glory." pg. 81

The other chapter that really hit me was ch. 16 - Worship is Life. Cats only worship at specific times: Sunday mornings at church, during personal devotions, when they are listening to worship music; and their worship is still me centered... praise the Lord for what he has done for ME. Dogs worship God to but it is more centered on who He is not what he has done for me...and their worship doesn't end when their devotions ends. They try and worship God in everything they do. I has lost that! I am so glad to have it back... it makes living such a joy instead of drudgery.

Here are two favorite quotes from this chapter:
"When a husband dates his bride of fifteen years, God smiles. So can we. When a young man dates a young girl and treats her with holiness and respect, God smiles. So can we. When the seasons change like clockwork, God smiles. And we can enjoy them too. When two people reconcile and forgive each other, God is smiling. And if we learn about it, we too can share that joy. Whatever is working right, the way God designed it to work, gives God pleasure. Everything was created for his pleasure . Revelation 4:11 (pg. 183)
" So what do Dogs actually do differently when life is one big worship service: The answer may shock you: not much. But whatever they do, they do it with a whole new attitude! They wash dished thinking, "This is pleasing to God." They work thinking, "This is the role that God has giving me as the caretaker for this family." They change diapers thinking, "I'm taking care of the ones that God has entrusted to me, and I know this pleases God." They drive to work wondering, "How can I reflect God's glory in how I drive, and in how I see His glory in the sights around me?...They fix a wonderful dinner for their family saying, "This is the role the Lord has me in, and it is reflecting His glory. I am at peas with it and satisfied with it!"  Dog's do everything Cats do. Their lives are parallel in every way except one: their mindset! They do everything as an act of worship to God and to make Him smile."
Here is a link to the book from Amazon in case you are interesting in seeing more.
Cat and Dog Theology: Rethinking Our Relationship with Our Master

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