Friday, January 28, 2011

Flashback Friday - Olympics

It's time for another Flashback Friday. Here's what Linda had for our topic this week - Olympics. Her text in black my answers are highlighted.

I'm always a little sad when it's an odd-numbered year because that means there will be no Olympics on TV. So let's have a few of our own!

Which individual events were your favorites?
My favorite events were gymnastics and diving for summer. I loved watching the girls and guys gymnastics. I also liked to do gymnastics but never had training, except the little bit we did at school in gym class.

For the Winter Olympics my favorites were ice skating and bobsled. I now have more favorites... since they added more events and I have grown to appreciate things more as an adult.

Since blogging is international, which country did you cheer for?
USA, All The Way!!!

Have you ever been to an Olympics or known anyone who competed?
No, to both. Wish I could go to one some day though, that would be awesome.

What are some of the hallmark memories of the Olympics that you remember?
Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harding attack, Dorothy Hamal winning gold, and Scott Hamilton ice skating: Greg Louganis diving, Olga Corbet, Nadia Comaneci, and Mary Lou Retton in gymnastics... and more memories from recent years of course and watching with my children has been special.

Did the Olympics ever inspire you to take a certain sport (or practice more!)?

Do you prefer watching them the old way when everything was delayed in the days before 24-hour cable and internet?

I prefer watching them the old way. Trying to see stuff now is frustrating. Having to tape things to watch later. Would be better if we had cable and could use DVR instead of video tapes. But we only have an antenna and we only watch Thanksgiving Day Parades and Olympics on the TV, as well as watching DVD's.

Do you watch them more or less today than you did when you were growing up?
More. My kids and I love the Olympics. We even did a unit study/lapbook on the Olympics during the Beijing Summer Olympics. We wanted to do school and watch the Olympics so we turned it into a complete study. Here are the links to those posts:

Beijing Olympics 2008 Lapbook and Unit Study 
2008 Beijing Olympic Lapbook Minis and Maps 
Penguin - Antarctic Lapbook and Final Olympics Lapbook Photos

What about the Special Olympics? Have you ever had any involvement with them?

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Thanks for the great questions this week Linda. I love the Olympics

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Nel said...

Enjoyed your post! I think that is cool that you and your kids watch them and you turned it into a learning experience for them. thanks for sharing!
until next time... nel

Mocha with Linda said...

I agree with Nel - so clever to turn it into a lesson for your kids! That's what makes learning fun!

bp said...

Many things you can use to teach related to the Olympics, great idea. I bet it was fun for the kids too.

Have a great weekend.


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