Saturday, July 26, 2008

Beijing Olympics 2008 Lapbook and Unit Study

We are starting our school year on Monday the 28th of July. We will be starting our year by studying the Olympics of 2008 and China. When we get done I will post pictures of our lapbooks but for now here are some of the sites I found with great stuff to use for a unit on the Olympics of 2008 in Beijing. Here are the links
This site has a great lapbook for the 2008 Summer Olympics with great mini books
it also takes you to a country lapbook which has many useful additions that you can use to study China or another country

official site of the Beijing Olympics 2008

lots of links here

great Olympic clip art

this site has tons of information you can use for your lapbook or unit study on the Olympics

a bunch of printables here at the following related sites

free worksheets at this site

Olympic Crafts - the top link has crafts specific to Olympics the link under that has very cute "paper dolls" (not just for girls) of different cultures and different sports that would be especially good for your Olympic unit and other friends for other units... these are soooooo cute :-)

site with lots of links

teacher resources

site with a long list of links

link to stuff at enchanted learning... some free some only if you have a membership

Chinese Proverbs

homeschooling on a shoestring – Olympic links

Olympic Lesson Plans

there are a lot of free worksheets for the Olympics and for individual sports at

Olympics Printables for Your Kids
if that does not work try this tiny url shortcut

Olympic Printables - some really cute things here

a site with some crafts

Olympic Sports for Homeschool

coloring pages for all different sports

lots of Olympic coloring pages and other activities

this site has many pictures of sites around Beijing and other cities in China

this site has a few pdf files that you can download... it also has links to some other sites... most of this was from the 2006 winter games in Italy but some of it is ok

this site has a bunch of links to other sites

worksheets on vocabulary for the Olympics in Beijing

Beijing Olympic Sports Flashcards

Preschool Arts and Crafts
well.... that should be enough to start you out... if I find any more great sites I will post another blog list


Anonymous said...

Wow! I just did a google search for olympics lapbook and came across your blog. We're a brand-new homeschooling family (beginning 8/25) and thought we'd get our feet wet by trying a unit study on the Summer Olympics. Thank you, thank you for all of the great resources. You made my day!! ~Melissa in ND

Cariann said...

Thanks for sharing all your wonderful finds. We are working on our olympic lapbook this week trying to get the ground work done before the opening ceremonies Friday.

Elaine said...

You have some awesome materials posted here. I've blogged about Olympic printables about 3 times now and hare included many of these resources. Some, I haven't shared, but printed out. You did have some new ones, which I'm excited about using.


Kimbro said...

Thank you for all your information. I was needing some free stuff for a Olympics Unit Study. I'm looking forward to looking at all this information.

Sara said...

Thanks so much! I just searched for Olympic Unit Study and came up with your blog. You did the hard work for me. We are a brand new homeschooling family. Thanks so much! We are excited about our unit study on the Olympics!
-Sara in Georgia

Joyce said...

This is great you have saved me a lot of work. We start school tomorrow and have been talking about the Olympics and China. Voice of the Martyrs has Olympic prayer bracelets for China and we are wearing them. This got us talking how we could study the country and Olympics, I just started searching for links when your blog popped up, thank you!!!! I'm going to link to your site on my blog which has the same lay out as yours and include a link on my web site if that is OK?

Peace, <><

BONI said...

Hi! I have been homeschooling my 4 wonderful children for 9 years. There ages are 13,11,8, and 5. This is my 1st year to unit study. We just got finished with Ancient Egypt and it was fascinating. We were thinking about the Olympics next, and after seeing all of the information that you have so kindly made available to us, we have made our decision. Thank you so much for all the work you have done. Let us know what subject you will be doing next! Ha! Ha! Thanks again.

Don said...


May I suggest a link related to the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games?

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Title: Beijing Olympics

Please let me know if you want a link back.
Many thanks for your reply.

Best Regards,



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