Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cindy Rushton's NEW Let's Get Organized for the New School Year Seminar Set


Are you getting ready for the new school year? Need some help getting organized? Just wish you could have a personal friend to walk you through all of the planning bit-by-bit?

My friend, Cindy Rushton, has given me permission to share a resource that she developed just for this purpose. I am so excited to give it to you! It is an audio and ebook set that she actually sells on her website, but she is giving away to help us get familiar with her resources.

Let’s Get Ready for the New School Year Mommy Planner…
Ebook by Cindy Rushton

Need some help gearing up for the new school year? Wish you had a friend to take you by the hand and help you plan your year? You will LOVE this! It includes a quick Mommy Planner with a potpourri of planning sheets from all of Cindy's products to help you get started on the right track with your homeschool planning. It is full of goodies! AND YOURS...

Download Part One

Download Part Two

PLUS! Companion Audio! :)
Let’s Get Ready for a New School Year–Audio

Download by Mp3

Isn't that FUN?

After you finish this resource, if you need more help, you will want to check out Cindy's Organized Mom Super Set. Everything You Need to Get Organized for the New School Year!

Full Ebook library
Mp3 Downloads for all audios (over $700 in workshops!)
Free Gifts
Printable Planning Pages

Grab This Amazing Set Now!

Best news! This week she is offering a special when you order that set. You also get free access to Cindy's huge audio set, Organization 911! Help for the Messy Mom and her NEW Let's Get Organized for the New School Year Seminar Set. Check out the details here:

Sincerely Yours,
Cindy Rushton and Debbie

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