Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Penguin - Antarctic Lapbook and Final Olympics Lapbook Photos

Last year we studied Biomes, Plants and Animals. I am going to put all the lapbooks on my blog one at a time with the resources we used.

First I am doing the Penguin - Antarctic lapbook. Most of the Penguin - Antarctic Lapbook can be found for free at this link - Free Penguin Lapbook The lapbook has some links to other sites with information and elements you can use in your lapbook.

Besides the portions of the above lapbook we also added a map of Antarctica. There was a mini book in the Penguin Lapbook where we wrote facts about Antarctica. There was also a "Did you know?" fact mini page and we used that for an Antarctica fact.

Here is a link for Antarctic Plants

Here is a link for an Emperor Penguin Board Game

Here is a great site if you have younger kids - Penguin Printables

This site has printable abc flash cards, dominoes, days of the week and color cards in a penguin theme

This site has some Polar Region Theme - including a penguin shape book that you can use if you want

Some FREE Penguin Notebooking pages
which come from Shirley and Wendy's South African Homeschool Curriculum site that has other great freebies - check out their site!

We found the images we put on the front in a Google Image search.

OK ... so...
Here is a slideshow of the boys Penguin - Antarctic lapbooks.

I also wanted to post a picture of the cover of my ds Christopher's Olympics Lapbook.

Next I wanted to post pictures of my finished Olympics lapbook. I will do them in a slide show so it will not take up as much room. So here is that.

I hope you enjoyed all these resources and I will be updating my blog with the other biome lapbooks in the coming days so check back for that.

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Sheri said...

Debbie thank you for visiting and commenting on my first blog post at: http://10minutegame.wordpress.com/
I appreciate your support!

I'm so glad that I popped over to your blog to see your latest post. I LOVE lapbooks and love to see pictures. I can't wait till my grand baby is old enough to try some of these things! She is only 8 months old--but I am already storing ideas away for her.


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