Thursday, April 29, 2010


Ok... I know there are a lot of pictures in this post...

what I want you to know is I really pared it down...

I could have put a lot more on here.

The top 9 are my favorites.

All of them were taken at Winterthur.

I hope it doesn't annoy you to see so many Winterthur pictures. It is my favorite spot on earth right now, the place I go to be in God's nature and I meet him there and feel His presence.

I used Picasa to crop and color correct the photos.

great photo if I do say so myself

beautiful Creation - wonderful Creator

This is my favorite spot at Winterthur.

these two shots came out wonderful

a view of the gazebo through the peony shoots

love how this shot came out... such a unique angle - with the flowers in the front and the rock in the background

another unique view looking down the wall at the climbing vine

my favorite tree

my hubby and I out taking photos together

gorgeous colors





I hope you enjoyed these


Jennifer said...

Your photos from Winterthur have been making me want to visit. I need to google it to see how far it is from Ocean City (MD, not NJ).

Tracy said...

All great shots but the 3rd one is my fav!!!!!!

Great place to photograph!

Anonymous said...

That first image is cool - but that sparkly flower is cool too!

Katie said...

Those are some awesome shots! I love that tree stump!!

Michele said...

these pictures make me want to go back! beautiful! I love the sparkly flower.

Dixie said...

Beautiful Photos!


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