Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Through Fiery Trials with God

I found this the other day... just sitting on my shelf. It was just a day or two after my husband was laid off. The paper is old and brown. God meant for me to find it again... it spoke to my soul. I have no idea where the paper came from. God knows all things... even that I would need and find this paper on that day.

Through Fiery Trials with God

What shall I learn from God through fiery trials today,
As side by side He walks with me along life's rigged way?
He never fails - not even in the darkest hour -
I know my Lord is nigh, - I feel His power.

As day by day I feed upon God's Word,
I learn my every step is "ordered of the Lord."
So also every "stop" is just another step to test
And prove to me one fact - God's way is always best.

I only want whatever God has planned,
So, all is well - He holds me in His Hand.
So, I can trust Him now to lead aright,
As I walk on with Him, through faith, not sight.

Then through this fiery trial what does my Saviour say?
Perhaps just this: "Be still My child, lean hard and pray."
Today I learn anew to answer, "Lord, Thy way is best,
Now help me to be still, - lean hard, and pray and REST."
-Jim C. Schreiber

I am also in the second week of studying Walking by Faith: Lessons Learned in the Dark a devotional book and video series by Jennifer Rothschild. We are doing this devotional book with our Ladies Bible Study. God know just what we need to help us make it through the hard times and he is there to walk along with us.
I hope this encourages one of my readers today,


Carrie Schmeck said...

Debbie, Such perfect timing. My 20 yo daughter was distraught that God gave her a resounding NO on something she really wanted. What a lovely reminder of who really has our plans at heart.
Encouragement to you in this journey as well.

Anonymous said...

That was beautiful and I'm encouraged - thanks sis! Love you, Chris


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