Monday, April 19, 2010

Can't Wait for Friday

My daughters and I are going to the Ladies Spring RefreshHer. See that is says Refresh Her! Can't wait to get away this coming weekend to our church's ladies retreat. We leave early Friday afternoon and will be gone until early Sunday evening. We meet with other churches in our fellowship at a conference ground kept by our fellowship of churches. Both of my girls are going with me for the first time. Rachel has been before but not Jessica.

We will have a great spiritual weekend with a special speaker, Cindy Foor, and 2 smaller sessions with local ladies. Praise music and singing together, too. I love to sing praise to my Lord, and doing it with a group of ladies is just great.

We will be treated to great food including a cup and cookie party (not sure what this will entail as we usually have a chocolate fountain), a dress up banquet and 4 other meals with snacks in between and an ice cream/snack shop that is open part of the weekend, too. No diets this weekend girls!!! Oh and best of all no cooking for us and NO clean up!!! Teens from one of the churches in our fellowship serve tables and have a RWR (Retreat Within a Retreat, they serve and help out and have spiritual times and recreation time too).

Other bonuses..
  • Dinner at a fast food place Friday on the way to the retreat.
  • Time away from the hustle and bustle of homeschooling, phones, and my boys.
  • Time away from my computer. I could take my laptop but I won't.
  • Time with God in a lovely, quiet setting in the Poconos of Pennsylvania, away from the normal stresses of life.
  • Devotions by the pond.
  • A walk in the "wilderness" with my daughters.
  • Swinging on the 4 person bench swings.
  • Free time to relax with my daughters and some lady friends from church. Hopefully to play a game or two... I always take some, we usually play in the evening and/or Sat. afternoon during free time.
I Can't Wait for Friday!!!

I will post pictures next week so you can see some of our weekend.


Michele said...

Have lots of fun and refreshment!

Katie said...

That sounds wonderful!!! Hope Friday gets here fast for you! :)


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