Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook - April 13, 2010

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Outside my window...
gloomy, waiting for rain, freshly cut grass that my hubby cut before the rain comes

I am thinking...
about sooo many things,
  • layoff/unemployment for dh
  • finances
  • dentists
  • TOS Crew Reviews overdue... forgotten because of layoff
  • Ladies Retreat
  • homeschooling
  • homeschool convention I wish I could go to
  • how will we get the school needs I have for next year with our finances limited by unemployment... again
  • boys fighting and being selfish
  • clothing needs for the boys 
  • My mom still here... taking her to her Needlework Guild meeting on Thursday, then she will go home, I am sure she is ready to get home to her own comfortable place and her TV (we don't have cable)
  • Wish is could just sit and cuddle in a blanket and watch movies.
I am thankful for...
our church's deacons approving a scholarship for me to go to our Ladies Retreat. The girls and I have saved up, and with the scholarship, all three of us can go. I can't wait!

From the learning rooms...
The boys are doing a week of textbooks to show them all I do for them in planning each week. I got samples from the internet. Usually we do Unit Studies that I plan for History and Science and various other things. This week it is all textbooks for them and tests on Friday. I am not sure if this is getting through to them or not, but I hope it cuts down on some of the complaining I have been getting.

I am wearing...
green slacks, short sleeved top and white sweatshirt with green flowers and leaves and writing. It is cool today... oh, socks and sneakers to... ready to take dd to the dentist later.

I am creating...
TOS Homeschool Crew Review's for my blog... 
not much else
still have not had time to scrapbook
I have a mini scrapbook to make pockets for my prayer cards... no time for that either
I also need to crop and work on my photos for the 365 project, have not done that either

I am going...
to take dd to the dentist today and to the library
to take my mom to her Needlework Guild meeting on Thursday
don't know if I am going anywhere else

I am reading...
"What Am I?" a level 2 (around 1st grade) reader for a TOS Review that is late
and I need to start the Terrestria Chronicles so I can do that review too.

I am hoping...
that my husband gets a new job soon,
and a better one this time,
he hated his last job.
In this economy it is scary to have your spouse out of work.

I am hearing...
chairs shuffling, fridge opening, some chatting,
it is Lunch Time

Around the house...
hubby is planning to catch up on some projects that need to get done around the house since he is laid off
I will keep you updated with pictures as we go.

One of my favorite things...
Pepperidge Farm Raisin Bread
having some with my lunch
we got it and some snack stuff at the Pepperidge Farm Outlet store (discounted almost out of date snacks, bread, and more)

A few plans for the rest of the week:
all the stuff I listed above LOL
and probably some stuff I don't know about yet
one of the "perks" to my hubby being home all day
you never know what he will come into his mind for us to do!!! Embarrassed Smileys  Free Icons Roll_eye Smileys Party Smileys Free Blinkies LOL

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
Blooms abound at Winterthur... on tree and ground...
watch for more photos coming soon...
as soon as I have time to crop, and make some photo collages.
My son Christopher helped me choose this one from the many we took.

Because of the unseasonably warm temperatures we have had, many things are blooming early at Winterthur. 

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