Tuesday, April 27, 2010

365-97-101 Flower collages from Winterthur, April 2010

Before and After photos
top part of each picture is from 4-3-10
bottom part of each picture is from 4-11-10
Pictures are from the same basic area/view though I could not get them exact.

change in color and height
these will be Peonies

before only leaves
after with flowers

before without dafodils
after with dafodils

Amazing how the plants/flowers changed in just 8 days

Which collage do you like the best???
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Debbie said...

What beautiful collages/ photos! I like the fourth and fifth ones best!

Jennifer said...

The second collage is my favorite, but I don't know why. Such beautiful gardens they must be.

cspusa said...

I like them all but would love to see the first as an 8 x 10.


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