Monday, November 29, 2010

365-304-310 Last of the painting

Way behind in my 365 project... so three posts with pictures coming.

First post... the last of the painting.

Before Painting... Pink Walls

Same walls now blue
I think I already posted these but wanted to again.

Last wall to be painted was the wall behind the bookshelves.... 
so this is all the stuff we had to move in order to paint


Before painting the wall behind the bookshelves...
some of the wall had never been painted...
so we have painters white and pink
then hubby spackled the holes

 ...then he edged the wall and painted over the spackled areas to make sure they got good coverage...
so we get this three color speckled wall
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Then Christopher got a chance to paint.. with the roller



Make sure you take note of all the blue walls in the pictures in my next post,
with the Christmas Decoration that we set up on Black Friday.

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